Top Web Design Inspiration Sources For Your Next Project

Planning a new website, but you’re out of ideas? Don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of the best sources & examples to give you heaps of web design inspiration!

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June 5, 2023

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Inspiration alone isn’t enough to get you through a creative task, particularly a complex one, such as designing a website. But it sure does help with getting started. Learn how to get inspiration for web design and where, with our list of the best web design inspiration sources and examples of great websites.

Website design is a long and complex process. Even if you want to simplify things and opt to use a website design template, you’ll still need to figure out what kind of template you’re looking for, and how you can customize it to resonate with your audience.

On the other hand, you might be certain that you know exactly what you want (I’ve never been in that position, personally). Even so, browsing the Internet for web design inspiration websites can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. You can find examples of effective website layouts. You may know what content you want to include. Still, learning how to organize and present it in the most user-friendly way is best seen from other examples of successful websites.
  2. It helps you nail down your tone of voice. Sometimes two very visually similar websites can have a vastly different feel. Seeing the color schemes and visuals you wish to use in different contexts can help you create the best first impression.
  3. It helps you understand the industry better. Finding web design inspiration includes casting a wide net and looking at all sorts of website examples. Still, it’s always helpful to take a look at your competition and, potentially, identify some industry norms and trends.
  4. Broaden your horizons. How many times have you found yourself saying “I wish I had thought of that!” Whether it’s improving design, usability or creativity, the best website design ideas usually come from research, not chance.

Sources of web design inspiration

Let’s start this list with some of the best web design inspiration websites and platforms.



This is a web design competition platform, which features some of the most innovative and cutting-edge designs right now. Oftentimes the websites you can find on Awwwards might seem a little “out of your league”, in case you’re a small business owner with a limited budget.

But don’t forget that even simple elements or aspects of these award-winning websites might be applicable to your project, and could add that “wow” factor or improve user experience.

You should definitely explore the Collections section of this site, where you can find all sorts of website ideas: from homepage inspiration to user interface animation and microinteraction.


They also feature a new “site of the day”, so you can keep coming back for more great website ideas.


Just like Awwwards, this is also one of the best web design inspiration websites, since it’s focused on web design and development

You can filter your search for top websites according to styles, subjects, and types. Along with big brand names, such as Airbnb and Dom Perignon, you’ll find heaps of web design inspiration for more niche websites and industries, with amazing designs.


If you know anything about the world of design, chances are that you’re familiar with Behance. This is the best known portfolio platform, where designers showcase different projects - from website designs to industrial design and architecture.

Unlike the previous two web design inspiration websites, which only feature existing sites, Behance is also a place where web designers publish concepts and ideas. So, it may also be a great place to get in touch with a web designer whose work you like.


Many people think Pinterest is only useful for creating wedding-related moodboards, and aesthetic collections of interior designs. However, you’d be surprised what a valuable resource it is for finding web design inspiration.

However, Pinterest isn’t just a social media platform. It’s actually one of the most popular search engines, with over 5 billion monthly searches.


Thanks to its eclectic nature, Pinterest may be the best place to begin your search for web design inspiration. Pin your favorite designs and create a moodboard that will help you narrow down your research on more specialized platforms.


Unlike Behance where you can usually find complete projects, artists on Dribbble usually post “snapshots” that give a taste of what a design project is all about.

This is why it’s best used for getting inspiration on specific elements of web design projects, such as micro animation or icon design.


If you want design inspiration for landing page design, Landbook might be the ideal place to find it.

This platform allows you to search for inspiration according to a specific page (product listing, blog, pricing, etc.) and component (hero section, value proposition, features, etc.). So, it’s a really useful platform to check out once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.


Another section that you can explore in Landbook is their collection of website templates that you can use both for inspiration, or perhaps end up customizing one of them for your website.

Web design examples to get you inspired

We hope the list above answers the question “where to find web design inspiration”. Don’t feel like going through all of these website galleries just yet? Here are some of our favorite websites to fuel inspiration for designing your own site.

SPINX Digital

Let’s start this section off with a bit of an obvious choice. This celebrated LA web design company understandably has one of the most striking websites you can find.

What really makes this website stand out is the use of micro animation. From different hover effects (the creative mouse cursor changes into an eye when you’re about to click on something that takes you to a different page), to animated text on the main CTA button and a great use of parallax effect on their homepage, there are tons of details that make browsing through this site a real treat.

spinx digital.png

It just goes to show that sometimes you don’t need a full animated website videos to impress viewers. A little goes a long way, especially since professional web designers ensure these animations don’t slow down the website loading speed.


This productivity app has one of the most fun websites, thanks to great content and, again, the use of micro animation. The hero section has two versions that change when you move your mouse from left to right, to suggest the app is suitable for both professional teams and personal arrangements.

www.superlist.com_ (1).png


www.superlist.com_ (2).png

Spotify Design

Spotify is known for its colorful branding, but this website dedicated to its design efforts is on a different level.

Aside from vibrant colors, this website can be a great source of inspiration for creative layouts. Instead of the usual perfectly symmetrical layouts we’re used to the layouts here are asymmetrical and quirky, which makes the browsing experience all the more fun and immersive.


Decriminalize Poverty

Infographic-based websites are particularly useful for nonprofits, and this next example is truly one you can learn from. Packed with data and beautiful custom illustrations, the homepage is a poignant lesson in the precarious living conditions of underprivileged people in Tennessee.

If you have an important message to share on your website rather than just asking people to download a lengthy report (which you can do by all means), try to find a way to present information visually. Not only will it reach more people, there’s also a good chance visitors will actually remember it.             



Nepo Baby

Sometimes great websites don’t have to belong to top companies and organizations. This incredibly fun website allows you to check whether a celebrity is a nepo baby or not.

Aside from a really striking digital design, it’s also a great example of dynamic content. I figured I’d search for two celebrities for whom I was sure are/aren’t a nepo baby and the search results didn’t disappoint.            



www.nepobb.com_celine-20dion (1).png


Another important web design lesson from this site is to engineer for errors. For example, when I typed in my own name, this is what the website came up with (I mean, it’s not wrong!).



How about a stunning example of web design for personal branding to inspire you? This Sao Paulo-based illustrator has a simple, yet incredibly effective website to help her showcase her work and expertise.

When you have heaps of amazing visuals to include, the website itself doesn’t need much. However, the About Me and Homepage do a great job of accompanying the eclectic work and enforcing a powerful brand identity.




gabiscaro.com_ (1).png




Frans Hals Museum

If you’re looking for minimalist web design inspiration, this site won’t be of much help. However, if you’re looking for an example of effectively incorporating numerous elements into one slick website, this museum is a perfect example to learn from.

With news on current exhibitions, a video tour of the museum and a great ticket purchasing page, each page on this website is packed with content without being overwhelming. Part of the reason is the beautiful muted color palette and two navbars (top and side) that allow for easy navigation on the site.


Knots Creative

This creative agency’s website can be a wonderful source of minimalist web design inspiration.

knots creative.png

What’s particularly striking about this design is that it combines some pretty intricate elements, such as these team member pencil illustrations, with heaps of white space and simple line doodles that help with the overall flow. Simple websites like this one are great for featuring creative work, as the minimal background allows for other designs to shine.

knots-creative.com_ (3).png


You’d expect that a site for booking private jets is going to be extremely glamorous and over the top. Instead, Hyer is sleek, simple, and a wonderful source of minimalist web design inspiration.

Everything from the color palette, to minimalist sans serif typography, and even destination photos exudes the same sense of elegance and style.


Tej Chauhan

It only makes sense to end this list with an incredibly futuristic website that feels ahead of the current moment. This industrial designer’s website bears the tagline “Souvenirs of the Near Future”, which perfectly encapsulates the feel of the website.

Each product is featured against a different dramatic background, but somehow all the snippets work really well together and manage to showcase the high-end gadgets that this designer has created.


If you want to showcase products on your website, don’t limit yourself to white backgrounds and simple menus. Celebrate your work and use web design to advertise your products.

Final word

We hope you’ve found lots of ideas for inspiring web design that will help you move further with your project. Whether you decide to copy their layout, interaction design, or use of animation, these websites and platforms can be a great way to expand your pool of ideas and find the best solutions for your project. 

Of course, don’t forget that these sources of web design inspiration should be used merely as signposts. The best websites are always custom-made to fit your business.

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