Construction Logos to Inspire Your Brand-Building

Check out these high-quality examples of construction company logos to give your next brand a concrete foundation .

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December 11, 2023

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If you need a logo for your construction company, but graphic design isn’t your strongest suit, check out these high-quality examples from construction businesses to find the base of your next brand.

If you are not a logo designer, it’s normal not to know where to begin from when thinking of your construction company logo. Still, people in the construction business need good branding and a strong visual identity, but when you’re up and coming, these things can be unclear and hard to decide upon. But instead of using a template or free logo, consider something that is clear and true to your brand and will make it become distinguishable from the rest.

We’re here to help you with a selection of business logos in use, or construction logo ideas by experienced graphic designers.

Minimalist and modern logos

Minimalism has been very popular in custom logo design in the past few years. Just like in construction, simplicity and a strong concept are all that a good logo needs and the examples below will provide you with enough evidence to believe that.

1. Konstrukt

This cool logo combines two elements: simple typography, and a visual component resembling a beam or a building plan. At the same time, the composition also looks like the letter K, making for a nice brand mark for a company name starting with that letter.
Design by Nikas Geisleris

2. Volcons Group

This construction group with 55 years of experience decided to enter the Polish marketas a contractor and in the future to work there as a construction company, for which they needed a new logo. The base of the logo is a cube resembling a concrete block—the beginning of every construction work.

The combination of red and white is common for the symbols of Poland and the Volyn region, and as such is fitting for this contractor logo.

3. Mreza

This modern and simple monogram logo combines two colors and frames a sans serif letter M in a box, showing that their type of construction is buildings. There is a second, wordmark version of the company name, used in branding materials such as stationery and business cards.

4. HouseFrame

This eco-friendly Belgian company building frames for houses from timber has a very modern and almost tech logo, depicting the timber elements for construction that are the core of their products. The simple pictorial mark has a visual illusion of being three-dimensional. The font used is ITC Avant Garde, a very famous typeface used in corporate branding, which also makes a terrific construction font.

Combination marks

The perfect logo can sometimes be a combination of both a typographic element (the business name) and image (icon, image, illustration, brand mark). We call these logos combination marks. Here are some combination marks in construction logo design.

5. Ergotechniki

This incredibly simple unique logo combines the business name with an illustration of three beams on top of each other, representing the letter E. It could easily fit other businesses too since it would be fitting as an architecture logo or any kind of contractor business in free construction.

6. Topus Construtora

In an unusually warm and feminine professional logo for a construction company, Topus Construtora has a logo combining sharp lines and round and free-flowing typography, using a warmer coral red color and a simple white for the wordmark. While creating the brand of this Portuguese company, the graphic designer had these keywords in mind:  modern, confident, exclusive and transformative.
Design by Gabriel Rocha

7. Kudo Construction

Finally, an example of a house logo on this list, that is neither literal nor too abstract. The emblem is inspired by the shape of a house and beams for construction. The wordmark also uses Avenir, proving that it is the perfect typeface for construction, carpentry and architect logos, as well as other businesses.
Design by Tuan LM

8. Solid Stage

The Solid Stage symbol consists of a combination of the letter "S" and a silhouette of three buildings. The typography reinforces the brand attributes, while also being strong, geometric, and readable.

According to the graphic designer, the orange color emphasizes safety in the internal aspect, that is, care for your employees, with safety in the work environment. Orange is a color traditionally used for signage in civil works, and as a logo color often also represents energy, enthusiasm and confidence, things that are valued in the construction company.

Blue, on the other hand, has the role of representing seriousness, balance, maturity and reinforcing security for customers and partners.
Design by Smoke Creative

9. Ferry Construction

Another cool and blocky monogram fitting for a construction business is this logo for Ferry Construction. Through combining the letters F and C, the designer created an icon that resembles a construction plan.
Design by MD Alamgir

10. Strepsa

Instead of using a building logo, this company created a more abstract visual representation of the construction of homes and multi-family buildings.

The logo concept is buildings that represent the specialization of this company and the negative space is the tracks that represent urbanity. The hard edges, on the other hand, convey the firmness and confidence that the company wishes to evoke in users.
Design by Oliwo Design


If you want to keep your own construction logo simple and good for brand recognition, you can simply create a wordmark or a typographic design of the business name.

11. Eaya

This gorgeous typography logo belongs to a design concept and planning company that mostly deals with interior design and construction management. It is very modern and chic, fitting for a business that mostly deals in aesthetics and finesse.

12. DTX Engineering

This civil engineering and construction company has initials as the main company name, and fittingly, they are used as the base for this construction logo. The initials are put into small blocks forming a grid, like construction elements. It looks very slick on a business card, but I'm sure it would work equally well on any construction company website.
Design by Otavio Gravano

13. Conyco

Here is another example of a very simple and toned-down wordmark, that has smart use of a relief map as part of the brand pattern applied together with the logo. The pinkish off-white color in combination with a trustworthy and serious blue makes for a contemporary look of an otherwise classic corporate logo.
Design by Mayra Castillo

14. Istok

The last example on our list is a lowercase Cyrillic wordmark, incorporating a triangle ruler as a symbol of measurement and precision over a Latin t, used in trigonometry. It is a smart and simple logo, with a great meaning behind the final look.

We hope this list helped you get inspired enough not to turn to an online logo maker or opening a design software yourself. For more similar logo designs, check out our list of real estate logos and handyman logos (woodworking and plumbing). And if you can’t find a logo creator easily, ManyPixels is here to help. Check out our portfolio.

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