Interior Design Companies to Learn Great Branding From

Check out the best interior design companies moving the industry and defining what high quality branding means.

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May 20, 2024

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Starting from scratch with your interior design brand? Check out the best interior design companies that move the industry and define what quality and good branding means.

Some interior design firms deal with high-end customers and their portfolio alone speaks for itself. But any interior designer has to rely on good branding and word of mouth at the beginning to start making long-lasting partnerships with real estate companies and important clientele to gain visibility later.

If you don’t know where to start from, learn from the best interior designers and how they deal with branding and promotion. We’ve assembled a list of companies and professionals that define contemporary design and are so well known in their industry, that famous magazines such as Elle Decor and Architectural digest feature them on the regular, and can surely teach you a trick or two of how to promote your brand.


1. HKS Architects: top interior design firm to create a sense of belonging and oneness

HKS Architects, an interior design and architecture firm originally based in Dallas, is taking a next-level approach to creating synergy between their commercial projects and the surroundings in which they build. With plenty of years of experience and locations all around the world, they have had the opportunity to design all kinds of projects ranging from aviation, to laboratories and science, all the way to projects for the NFL. Their team consists of more than interior designers and architects: anthropologists, environmental designers, healthcare workers and researchers are part of their design process.

Their core belief is that they can create projects that not only utilize space best but heal, teach and soothe people. Their holistic approach to space and environment, but also their employees, is an integral part of who they are: people want to work and collaborate with them, so employer branding is one of their key value propositions.

2. Bobby Berk: one-of-a-kind granter of interior design wishes

Although not formally educated as an interior designer, Bobby Berk shakes and rattles the industry with his rags to riches story. He went from a gay youngster growing up in an Amish community in Missouri to an increasingly popular designer in Los Angeles and an interior design expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye. But what Bobby Berk is best at is showing that, by approaching the interior design projects personally and emotionally, and making everyday people’s dreams come true, your projects don’t have to be excessively expensive, as long as they bring peace and joy to the homeowners. Before giving his clients’ on Queer Eye a home makeover, Berk takes some time to learn more about their lives and personalities, always taking an extra step to surprise them with something they didn’t know they needed. Whether it’s a refurbished community center or custom furniture piece that includes a message from a loved one, he makes commercial interior projects into love letters.

He also makes sure people stay informed about simple tricks to help you manage an effective, tidy and beautiful household on his regularly updated blog.

3. Branca: understanding how contemporary marketing works

Interior designer Alessandra Branca surely has a knack for creating intricate furniture designs, decorative details and incredible homes. But, her strongest suit is understanding the best way to promote your work nowadays: by sharing your expertise and knowledge, as well as collaborating with other big players. For example, the owner of Casa Branca has appeared on podcasts such as The Style Files and The Business of Home and regularly creates high-quality products in collaboration with designers, studios and companies.

More than that, Branca has a beautifully designed and easy to navigate website, in which it’s immediately obvious what her style in aesthetics is.


4. Apartment 48: good use of social media

If there’s a design film incorporating hip and industrial into everyday homes, it’s Apartment 48 and its main designer Rayman Boozer. This company based in New York City is creating vibrant and stylish homes with incredibly brave color choices, that surely speak for themselves. Still, Apartment 48 is more than an interior architecture business, but an opportunity for the designer to share his identity and background and embed it in his creations.

When it comes to marketing, Apartment 48 turns to Instagram to share its extensive portfolio and projects for A-list clients, as well as behind the scenes moments from the design processes.

5. Eastlake Studio: researching and solving real problems

Eastlake Studio is known as one of the top interior design firms that have a sophisticated and contemporary style. Their full-service portfolio has a vast array of projects, from residential interior design to office buildings.

But in the past year, they invested a lot of time and knowledge working on reinventing the modern-day office space, inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on working indoors. Their ongoing research on the post-Covid space hopes to come up with innovative solutions on how this interior design studio can create a pandemic-immune office.


6. Lauren Coburn: before and after as testimony of the designer’s skill

Lauren Coburn is fairly famous as far as interior decorators and designers are concerned, having worked on projects such as the Holly Hunt Showroom and the Merchandise Mart of Chicago. She is well known for combining luxe elements and antiques into a modern setting. But when branding is the matter, Lauren Coburn has a lovely and well-planned architecture website, including her portfolio and past projects. Especially interesting are the before and after pictures of her designs, separated into high and low design, which shows that she also likes to take on a project that is not as expensive, as long as it brings out her creative side.

lauren coburn.jpg

7. Studio O+A: engaging website

This San Francisco interior firm has a truly extensive portfolio, with projects built on many corners of the Earth and ranging from the McDonald’s Innovation Center to the Uber Headquarters. But what really catches the eye in terms of branding is their incredibly youthful, grungy and colorful website, which includes far more than their projects.

Conversations, other projects they appreciate, design inspirations and creative outlets are some of the things that you’ll find there, which are useful for both potential clients and interior designers in search of inspiration.

o plus a.jpg

8. Decor Aid Interior Designers: everyone loves a freebie

Finally, this firm that operates all over the US, from Miami to Washington DC, offers one simple thing that no one else thought about: a free design consultation. Whereas most renowned businesses in this industry are hard to find, seem unapproachable and are, safe to assume, rather expensive, they let people get a taste of what they’ll get if they purchase their interior design services.

decor aid.jpg

Eager to learn more about branding for interior designers? Check out our article on interior design logos, or treat yourself to one of our free templates for interior designer business cards. Or, read our small business branding guide to learn the ins and outs of successful branding.

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