Where to Get Affordable Business Flyer Designs

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Platforms and Resources for Cheap Flyer Designs

Where to Get Affordable Flyer Designs for Your Business

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July 7, 2021
7 minutes


If you are just launching a new business or a promotional campaign in your local area, flyers can play a vital role in your marketing mix. But making a flyer that grabs attention and makes the people take a second look requires some design skills.

After most of the covid-19 restrictions got lifted in Berlin there isn’t a day that I don’t end up with at least a dozen flyers on my walks around the city. Almost every restaurant, bar, shop in my neighborhood is doing their best to let us know that they are open for business after dreadful six months of lockdown.

Flyers seem to be the most popular option among small businesses and it’s for a good reason. They are small, easy to distribute, relatively cheap to produce and if done right, they will definitely bring in new customers.

The tricky part with the flyers is to find the right design that will work for your customers. A design that will contain all the necessary information in a small format that is attractive enough for people to save for later use.

Types of flyers

When we talk about flyers from a marketing perspective, we usually think about three distinct types based on the outcome we want to achieve with them.

  • Flyer ads are used for promotional purposes. If you are starting a new business, have some promotional sale scheduled or you want to inform your potential clients about some new service or product you plan to offer it is very likely that you might use this type of flyer.
  • Response flyers are made to answer customer’s FAQs or give additional information about the business or particular product or a service.
  • Direct mail flyers are sent to the potential clients in order to inform them about new store opening or when you have a new product or a service that might be of interest to them.

manypixels-design-team.jpg ManyPixels

When it comes to design type flayers can be divided into

  • Handbills, a small format that has very little text mostly used for flyer ads, discount coupons, etc.
  • Pamphlets, a format that is larger than a handbill, and used for all three flyer types.
  • Posters, which are the largest format, mostly used for sharing information about an upcoming event or for brand awareness.

What makes a good flyer design?

Even though today all the buzz is about digital advertising, display and social media ads, the print formats such as flyers, brochures, and direct mail are still integral parts of every marketing mix. Mostly because reading on paper requires less cognitive effort and 39% of people decide to try out new business after seeing a print ad.

Flyers are relatively cheap to print and easy to distribute. However, in 2021 the only challenge when it comes to print materials is their design. Today it is not enough to put a nice image and some text on your flyers. They need to be thought out and well designed. They need to:

  • Grab attention so that people will take a second look at them and spend some time reading the information.
  • Get people excited about your product, service, or promotion.
  • Provide the right information. When someone holds your flyer, they need to understand quickly what it promotes.
  • Designed for your audience, not your business. They need to provide information and content that is valuable to your potential customers.

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Where to find good flyer designs?

Finding designs for your flyers, and other promotional materials is a relatively easy task. You only need Google, and you will quickly browse through thousands of free or inexpensive designs. However, not all these designs are original or attention-grabbing. In fact, most of them are either overused or very poorly made.

Still, there are plenty of available options for you to get a good design. Depending on your time, budget, and type of your business you can find plenty of available options online. Just make sure that the design you are picking follows some of the suggestions mentioned above.

Online design platforms

People usually perceive web-based design platforms as places where they can find only designs for their social media ad campaigns. However, most of these platforms offer a great selection of designs intended for printing. And with some of them offering printing services as well, you can get full service in one place.

Canva (freemium)

With almost 3,000 templates Canva offers the biggest selection among online platforms. They are separated into categories, so you will not have any problem finding designs for your specific project. If you have a ready copy for your flyer, you can complete the entire design in few easy steps.

canva.jpg Canva

The majority of those templates are part of the premium package which costs between US$ 9,99 and US$ 30 per month, depending on the plan you select. Keep in mind that all of the templates on Canva have been previously used by other businesses or individuals and that you might end up with a design that your competitors are using as well.

Crello (freemium)

Crello has a smaller library of templates, and they are not organized into categories. This means that you will have to either browse through the entire catalog or use keywords to speed up the process. The platform has a very large stock photo library so finding visuals for your designs won’t be a problem.

Keep in mind that the best-looking designs are part of their premium package which costs US$ 7,99. However for every image that you use that is part of their stock library you will have to pay additional fees.

Adobe Spark (freemium)

Adobe has the best apps for any professional designer or artist. They created Adobe Spark as a response to the increasing number of free online design tools and for the users that are not designers. Their flyer templates library has over 40,000 designs but the biggest part of this collection is part of their subscription package. Subscription for their service starts from US$ 9,99.

adobe-spark.jpg Adobe Spark (iOS)

Template markets

If you are looking for a design that hasn’t been overused and with small chances that someone from your industry used it you can always take a look at template markets. Here you can find customizable templates for any design project you might think of, from flyers to app designs.

Here you can find a great selection of flyer template designs. However, buying a template that you can edit yourself means that you have professional editing software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and knowledge of how to use it.

Creative Market

This is one of the largest marketplaces where independent designers sell their designs. Their library has over 10,000 premium designs which you can filter based on the price, file, or software type. And you can use keywords in order to find designs for your project.

There is no subscription model here. You purchase what you like and you can use it right away. The prices start as low as US$ 6 for a single design. You can find bundles with over 200 flyer designs that cost as low as US$ 39.

tive-market.jpg Creative Market

Envato Elements

As a subscription-based template market, Envato Elements quickly became popular. It has a vast library of digital assets and they are adding 1,000 new assets every week. The subscription costs US$ 16,5 for a month if you pay for an entire year in advance or US$ 33 if you pay monthly.

Envato Elements has a smaller collection of flyer designs compared to Creative Market, however, they have a stock photos library already included in their subscription so finding the perfect image for your designs won’t be a problem.

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Unlimited design services

Subscription-based design services are not the cheapest option on this list. With a starting price of US$549, they might seem way over budget for most small businesses, agencies or marketing teams. Still, if you consider that these services offer unlimited design requests and iterations you will quickly see the potential of outsourcing design projects to a service like this.

Design doesn’t mean just creating graphics for your social media campaigns or creating occasional flyer designs for an upcoming promotion. It means creating a well-rounded brand identity. A well-designed logo, website, landing pages for lead generation, packaging for your products, promotional materials, stationery, etc.

Unlimited design services provide you with designs specifically tailored for your brand. You get a team of designers that will help you get unique designs from flyers and posters to websites.

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Djordje Djordjevic

July 7, 2021

Diplomat by education, marketer by profession. Currently living between Berlin and Skopje, still deciding where to settle permanently. Ghostwriter that is slowly crossing back into the land of the living writers. Always reading two books at the same time and follows at least 15 TV series. Used to dream about changing the world, now just patiently waits for the next Marvel movie.