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DanicaNov 20, 2020

5 Free Stationery Set Templates to Use for Your Business

Having a custom stationery set shows a degree of professionalism that every small business should be striving for. For a budget-friendly solution check out our amazing free designs.

You might think that custom greeting cards or letter writing paper is something that only concerns luxury hotel branding. Well, having your own custom stationery design can be a really great way for small business owners to stand out from their competitors and connect with their customers.

The great thing about things like notecard sets or letter writing paper with matching envelopes is that they also make great custom gifts for your customers. And since these useful items are something most people aren’t going to throw away, you might just get some great marketing out of it!

We decided to put our graphic designers to work and use their knowledge on designing some of our bestseller stationery sets to create amazing and free designs just for you. To download any of the gift sets simply click on the image. You can edit the templates in a program like Adobe Illustrator to match your brand perfectly!

1. Minimalist and professional

This set is a perfect choice for any professional in a serious industry, like medical, financial, or legal. If your logo is a simple wordmark it will fit perfectly on these templates, giving you the perfect stationery.

Our designer opted for a classic blue and white writing set that would be very suitable for law firm and hospital branding. You can even use the backside of the business cards from this set as note cards for writing down messages or contact details of other businesses you want to refer your clients to. The elegant blue and white envelope is an ideal piece of stationery for sending out your bills or important company announcements.

What is in this set?

2. Pattern

Patterns are a great way to give virtually any design an interesting look. There are a lot of awesome free patterns that you can use if you’re looking to create custom birthday party invitations or personalized gifts.

But for a more unique look, use this stationary set design created by one of our own designers. This pattern combines geometric and abstract elements with florals to create a very unique look. This lovely letterhead design could even be used as a beauty or hair salon menu. Packing your gift guides or cards, or a gift set of custom stickers in these cute envelopes will have your clients thoroughly impressed.

What is in this set?

  • envelope
  • business card
  • letter writing paper

pattern stationery set.jpg DOWNLOAD THIS SET HERE

3. Geometric

Geometric elements on stationery paper and other elements from your stationery set are certainly going to give your business a modern, professional look. There are quite a few stationery templates using a very simple geometric design (e.g. a big colorful rectangle), so our own designer went with something a little more creative. This stationery set would pair fantastic with one of our free tech business cards so make sure you check them out for some more cool freebies!

What is in this set?

  • letter writing paper
  • business card
  • envelope
  • flat card

geometric stationery set.jpg DOWNLOAD THIS SET HERE

4. Embossed

Nothing speaks luxury better than your monogram embossed on high-quality card stock. This is truly a timeless option for businesses that want to command a sense of style or class; or even for anyone wanting to impress a pen pal or for romantic interest purposes!

This set would even make a perfect stationery gift since its timeless elegance is something most people will appreciate. If you want to write a handwritten letter or a holiday card I recommend you grab this design and add your own monogram for a personalized touch. This set is perfect for adding an embossing effect (raised lettering).

What is in this set?

  • letter writing paper
  • envelope
  • business card

embossed stationery set.jpg DOWNLOAD THIS SET HERE

5. Artistic

If you’re a visual artist or designer, this example would make the perfect personalized stationery for you. The watercolor effect gives this lovely stationery set a gentle look without being overly frilly. For the best effect, pair it with a decorative calligraphy font (but make sure to use a secondary font for the important stuff like contact information and return address).

Another great tip for customizing this stationery set is using rose gold foil for your logo that will fit perfectly with this delicate and romantic design. If you’d like to send a handwritten letter to a relative you might not be able to see due to covid travel accessibility restrictions, this lovely design will certainly put a smile on their face!

What is in this set?

  • letter writing paper
  • envelope
  • business card

artistic stationery set mockup.jpg DOWNLOAD THIS SET HERE

We hope you’ve found a stationery gift set that tickled your fancy. We have plenty more cool freebies you might want to check out like our Google doc and black business cards and of course, our free illustration gallery that’s updated with new designs regularly!

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