10 Massage Business Card Templates That Can Be Yours for Free

Download these 10 gorgeous templates for massage salon business cards. They’re completely free and easy to edit in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator.

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May 28, 2024

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Download one of these 10 gorgeous templates for a massage beauty salon business card. They are completely free and easy to edit in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator!

If you work in a massage salon, business card design probably isn’t on your priority list. Still, business cards are essential when someone comes to your salon and wants to reschedule, or wants to use it as a referral to a third person.

If you don’t have a budget for design services, you can customize one of the lovely 10 downloadable designs our designers at ManyPixels created, in the right dimensions for usage in the United States.

You can easily download the business card designs and edit them in Microsoft Word—no design knowledge needed! Here’s how to do it:

  • Download a Microsoft Word file.
  • Edit the business card template with your own information.
  • Export as PDF and send it to the printers!
graphic 1.jpg

Here’s what you can pick from.


Pink and lilac abstract pattern square business card

If you want a modern graphic design on your business card, an abstract pattern is always trendy and non-imposing. It could fit well with other services in the beauty industry as well, like a cosmetologist, hair salon owner, etc. The minimalist solution only leaves space for a monogram on the backside, while the front contains the crucial contact information. The square shape of the card is unusual and quirky, but keep in mind that it doesn’t perfectly fit business card holders.

Floral one-line illustration square business card

If you would like a more feminine touch to your business card, we have a second option for a square business card: a one-line illustration of a flower. The white and pastel baby pink color scheme makes for a gentle and relaxing choice of colors, that definitely reminds of self-care and wellness.

Pastel marbled pattern square business card

The last square design we have on this list has again an abstract pattern, but a pink pastel color scheme instead of the darker lilac and black combination, suitable for a lighter and more feminine beauty business card.

Watercolor massage therapist business card

This watercolor design has a fresh and earthy palette, but it’s rationed well so it doesn’t make the overall design noisy and saturated. However, keep in mind that you probably need to include your logo in black, because not all colors will look good with this design.

Minimal lotus illustration massage therapy business card

The lotus flower is one of the most commonly used symbols in the beauty and relaxation business. Hence, this design makes a perfect wellness business card. The pink lotus flower combined with the rose gold embossing for the logo are elegant, but impressive enough for your customers to keep this lovely handout.

Nature-inspired pattern design for a massage spa

Nature is the source for all wellness, and some holistic massage and spa techniques often turn to it. This pattern design with leaves and fresh and natural color scheme will make a great choice for a massage therapist specializing in reflexology, or a natural skincare practitioner.

Colorful pattern hip design

This colorful abstract pattern has luscious moss green, aquamarine and mauve as the colors of choice, resembling linen business cards. The central area of the design is white and allows for a wider letterhead, but the edges are dynamic, playful and definitely will help you leave a lasting impression.

Om symbol line illustration spa business card

Another symbol often connected to a spa experience is the Om, which is a spiritual symbol in several Indian religions, signifying unity, consciousness and the essence of ultimate reality. In the massage and wellness business, it signifies that the customers will be in better touch with themselves and their body.

Lotus flower line illustration

Similar to the previous example, this design utilizes a one-line design of a lotus flower. It is a good alternative if you want to use this symbol instead of the Om.

Lotus flower floral pattern

Finally, we have a gentle and delicate floral pattern design in blue, that will make a great base for your massage business card. It is a lovely look, reminiscent of retro wallpapers and can be used across industries and practices.

We hope you liked one (or more!) of our free customizable massage business card templates. If not, you can always turn to ManyPixels for design services. Our designers can do much more beyond business card design: from gift certificates, greeting cards, appointment cards, t-shirts, pricing menus, loyalty cards and stickers, all the way to social media posts and web design.

You can also learn more about massage logos, brochure and flyer designs from our blog section.

Check out how it works for FAQs and experience by our customers.

Download these 10 gorgeous templates for massage salon business cards. They’re completely free and easy to edit in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator.

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