14 Stunning Boutique Logo Design Ideas to Inspire Your Branding

Find creative inspiration for your custom logo with these creative boutique logos for trendy businesses.

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October 3, 2023

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Whether you run a small brick and mortar business, or a trendy online boutique, your boutique logo design is essential to creating a strong boutique brand.

Small boutique shop logos are often a lot more creative than major clothing brands. The reason for this isn’t just because bigger players have an established brand name and can get away with a simple company logo. The whole point of a boutique store is that small businesses like these provide an exclusive offer that you can’t find with high street stores.

This is something to bear in mind when you start brainstorming your custom logo design. Going with a boutique logo maker might seem like a financially appealing option, but the result will never be as good and effective as something custom and made especially for your brand. And ultimately, people who choose independent fashion boutiques over big brand names are the ones who will always appreciate originality and creativity.

Take a look at our selection of gorgeous store logos that will inspire your branding!

Classy logotypes

Typographic logos are probably the one type of logo that’s suitable for pretty much any industry: from serious ones like hospitals, real estate and lawyers, to innovative like techor restaurants. When it comes to fashion boutique logos, you can do a lot with a stunning font, whether you go for something edgy or modern, or timeless classy calligraphy.

1. Incontri

Starting with a very simple wordmark, this fashion boutique logo is the epitome of class. The crisp Romanesque font and a timeless black and white color palette make this business logo a terrific option for high-end businesses. The business card design is also stunning as it also has that timeless elegance feel and elevates this simple and effective boutique logo.

2. Buk

Great fashion logo design by some of the most famous clothing brands has stood the test of time for decades (think Chanel, Yves Saint Loraine and Louis Vuitton to name a few). However, modern clothing logos do need to be trendy. This logo design is a great source of inspiration, both the simple wordmark as well as the cute monogram which looks great on apparel design and clothing labels.

3. Omini

This modern typeface probably takes inspiration from the Om symbol, a sacred symbol for consciousness in Indian religions. As such this logo concept would fit very well with a wellness boutique or even as a specialty book shop logo. It’s a great design idea for combining earthy tones and a touch of luxury to create a beautiful logo design.

4. Myga

The choice of typography is extremely important in logo design (of course, in particular with typographic logotypes). Custom lettering can set your brand apart from a logo design template, and even if simple, should represent your brand adequately.

Myga is an Indonesian clothing brand with a gorgeous apparel logo written in a lovely handwritten wordmark. It's got a nice feminine touch to it (which is appropriate since it’s a women’s clothing brand), and although it’s a monoline font with lovely ligatures, it’s still quite legible, which is quite important in logo design.

Minimalist boutique logos

Having a monogram or wordmark isn’t necessarily going to make your boutique logo design minimalist (think about intricate calligraphy fonts and what good logos they make). Here are a few examples of combination logos with simple and modern pictographic elements.

5. Amor

This gorgeous floral logo uses a very modern and simplistic icon that’s still clearly representative of the brand’s trade. The logo designer paired this simple representation of a flower with a crisp sans serif font called MoolBoran. The great thing about this logo idea is that the flower icon can be seen to represent a few different flowers, depending on how you look at it. You can see a tulip, a rose and the splendorous luxury of peonies.

6. Maringa

Mascot logos have their place even in fashion logo design and the following example makes a strong case for that. If all things French are inherently stylish (or at least perceived as such), then I wish more people paid attention to the absolute badass that is the French bulldog. This branding concept is a great source of design inspiration for anyone looking for a more unique take on their boutique logo design. The graphic element here again is very simple, yet quite memorable and would be a very unique addition to things like shopping bags, business cards and of course apparel labels.

7. Closet de Ane

Hangers are a symbol you’ll find with many free logo templates. They have a simple yet distinctive shape that lends itself to plenty of experimentation, so if you decide to go with this widely used symbol for your fashion boutique logo, make sure you have an idea of how to make it interesting and unique.

This cool boutique logo has a crisp layout that’s suitable for a wide range of uses; from social media graphics to gift cards and coupons, make sure to include a cool minimalist logo design like this one, across your branding!

8. Born and Rise

When it comes to boutique logo templates, you might get lucky with something suitable for a women’s fashion logo, but the options for male apparel logos are definitely a lot scarcer. Instead of a free template, consider making something cool and custom, like this effortlessly cool logo concept.

The font used is Baskerville Old Face, a very classic looking font, so this simple isometric illustration is a great touch of modernity. Is it a hipster? An old priest? Maybe it’s a bit of both. Perhaps that’s another reason why this boutique logo makes such a convincing example of tradition with a modern edge.

Decorative boutique brand logos

Floral logos and romantic watercolors are popular design choices with fashion as well as beauty salon logos. Here are a few examples of gorgeous boutique logo designs, that don’t just create a strong brand image, but can also serve as great decoration to shopping bags, business cards, stationery and more!

9. Plume

If you’re not a fan of minimalism, then you’ll love this luxury logo created as a concept for a boutique and beauty salon. It’s incredibly intricate, yet not overly noisy. The logo designer decided to use crisp, sans serif typography to accompany the stunning illustration. It’s a beauty logo you’re not only going to notice straight away, but you’ll also remember it.

10. Logo template

Speaking of floral logos, remember that bursts of colors aren’t the only option. This cute illustration makes a great feminine logo suitable for both fashion boutique logos as well as hair salons or even massage logos. If this boutique logo template caught your attention, you can even buy it on Etsy.

Fun and quirky logos

The last few examples on our list take a totally different approach from the usual elements like florals and hangers. Check out these creative design examples for boutiques that take a different approach in logo design… and do it right!

11. Realeza Pet Boutique

Creating a strong brand with a perfect boutique logo requires you to understand your audience. If you have a fancy boutique store for pet fashion, chances are that people who are prepared to splurge on pet fashion (no judgment here, I’m one of you), will also appreciate good branding. This high-quality boutique store logo really brings home the message that the customer is king, even if it’s not the customer we usually have in mind. The illustrations found on the business card design are also terrific, as they are both very cute and easy fairly simple, making them a great brand mark.
By Bravea

12. Marques

We promised you something different in this section, so here goes! This vintage logo concept was created for a boutique and restaurant (I’m imagining a classy oyster bar and gourmet foods deli). It would make a fantastic bag logo, although an illustration as intricate as this might not come out great on smaller sizes like business cards or stationery.

13. The Toys Boutique

This is another retro font (or at least with a vintage feel) that’s bound to attract potential customers. The red and gold color palette evokes the spirit of Christmas and would probably appeal to most children, while the high-quality design and elegant typography signals to the parents that this boutique shop offer is quite special.

14. Born Yesterday

The logo designer fused images of a stork and stroller to create this unique apparel logo for a boutique store in Philadelphia. The logo uses soft lines and pastels to indicate a family clothing brand, but still hip and trendy like the brand itself.

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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