The Best Modern Sans Serif Fonts for Your Designs

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Edgy and Unique Sans Serif Fonts

25 Modern Sans Serif Fonts for Trendy Designs

Spruce up your designs with these awesome modern alternatives for professional sans serif fonts.

Graphic design
April 15, 2021
7 minutes


Sure, you’ve heard of Helvetica, Arial and Roboto. But why not spice up your designs with these modern sans serifs?

Sans serifs are known to be crisp, minimalist and most commonly used in the professional context. Due to high legibility these fonts are often used for body text, but can also look great on logos and website design.

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If you’re looking for a sans serif font to help you stand out from the rest, here are a few modern fonts you can check out. We’ve split them into free and fonts that require the purchase of a commercial license.

Free fonts

Thanks to the many talented and generous type designers out there, it’s certainly possible to find many wonderful fonts that are free for commercial and personal use.

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12. Organik (free font)

This all caps font is free to download from Behance, and it would make a great display font for signage, email banners or headers. The round lettering has a slightly retro look, so it would certainly give your design a more interesting and creative look.

organik modern sans serif.jpg

13. Oblique (free)

Inspired by Eastern calligraphy, this awesome sans serif type is sure to give your designs a unique twist. It goes without saying that it would make a wonderful yoga studio or massage logo, but thanks to high readability you can still use it in a number of different ways.

oblique modern sans serif.png

14. Codec (free)

Created by the Zeta Types Foundry, this font pack is a true treasure chest for anyone in the tech industry. It’s got quite a range of different styles and weights, including discretionary ligatures, alternative styles and even Cyrillic and Greek lettering! You can download two weights for free, purchase individual styles or the whole font family.

codec modern sans serif.png

15. Red Hat (free)

There’s something very cool and effortless about this font. It’s a modern adaptation of a more classic look, so really it would be fitting for a number of different industries, anything from accounting to app design. It’s an open-source font so you’re free to use it on both commercial and personal projects.

red hat modern sans serif.png

16. Atami (free)

For something a little edgier, check out this cool sans serif typeface, that looks a little bit like it could belong to a 90s video game. The font family comes in three different styles (wide, stencil and display) with two weights for each, so you can experiment a lot with this cool, playful font.

atami modern sans serif.jpg

17. Proxima Nova (free)

Proxima Nova is a great versatile font, we often mention in our blog, for example as a useful yearbook or logo design font. This font is available for free from Adobe Fonts and in several different styles and weights (bold, regular, italic, thin, condensed…) It would also make a terrific secondary font paired with a more decorative serif or script font.

proxima nova logo font.png

18. Bavro (free)

Bavro is a font that will give your designs a subtle futuristic feel, so you can create designs that are modern and interesting looking, without being cartoonish. Only uppercase glyphs are available, so it would make a great header font for posters, flyers and brochures.

bavro yearbook font.png

19. Simplifica

As its name suggests, this no-frills font is a perfect choice for lovers of minimalism (a crisp, minimalist logo for example). This free font comes in upper and lower case, with multilingual support

simplifica modern sans serif.png

20. Tessellate (free)

Ok, so this font isn’t actually free, but for the price of 5 bucks, it’s really as good as! Although you won’t get tons of glyphs, alternative ligatures and such, it’s a truly creative and unique font, well worth paying the small price. The flowy lettering will give your designs a playful, approachable feel. I also think this font has got a retro feel (think 1960s and 1970s), but completely adapted for modern audiences.

tessellate modern sans serif.png

21. Pino (free)

Pimp has a versatile modern look, with high legibility in both bigger and smaller font sizes. It could work as a web display font since it’s available in uppercase only.

pino modern sans serif.jpg

22. Migha (free)

The final entry on this list is Migha, a font created by Seniors Studio. It’s described as having a “modern vintage feel”, and indeed this interesting typeface brings the best of the old and new together. It’s a display font perfect for posters, signage and even logos.

migha modern sans serif.png

23. Waffold (free)

The style of this font is quite diverse, and could easily fit a number of projects, and bring something different to table. It comes in lower and upper case with alternates and ligatures, so your designs can become really creative and unique.


24. Celestina (free)

This is a really fun and modern font that would look great on different digital marketing assets and web design. It’s still quite crisp and professional, but thanks to the different letter widths and heights it’s got a great playful quality to it. You can download the AI format for free, so you can experiment and play around with the letters even further!


25. Cunia (free)

This simple and flowy display font is a great choice for modern and minimalist posters, or signage. If you have some graphic design knowledge, the chunky lettering lends itself to experimenting with different widths and kerning. A recent update also includes Cyrillic letters, so if this is something you need, this free font is a great option!


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Danica Popovic

April 15, 2021

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.