How Much Does Social Media Design Cost?

Sloppy DIY graphics won’t help you build a powerful online presence on social media. But if you’re ready to work with the pros, there’s likely one question on your mind: how much does social media design cost?

Social media design
June 17, 2024

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Social media graphics are some of the most sought-after design projects on the market. But how much does social media design cost? And what are the differences between typical social media design prices? Find all the answers here.

Many great social media design tools allow you to create social media graphics for free. So, why are we even discussing social media design cost?

Well, while these tools are easy on the budget, they come with several severe downsides.

  • You have to spend a lot of time on social media design. If time is money, then just imagine how much you’ve lost by spending 1-2 hours every day creating graphics to fit requirements on different social media platforms.
  • The designs are usually not unique. When resorting to free social media design templates, expect to see pretty similar graphics all over. You might even end up using the same designs as your competitors, which looks pretty bad.
  • Bad design can harm your brand image. Many successful companies rely on design to create a memorable brand image. Poor graphics can have the opposite effect. Something that looks sloppy or doesn’t fit your brand identity can ruin your reputation, and diminish customer trust.
  • It’s not a long-term solution. Social media isn’t going anywhere. If you’ve spent a few months, or even years winging it with “passable” designs, it’s time to step up. Great graphics can boost engagement, and strengthen your brand.

So, going professional with your digital marketing design is the only way. But how much should you pay for social media design? It’s a difficult question to answer.

The cost of social media design depends on several factors, including the designer’s skill level and location and, of course, the complexity of the project.


Social media design price list

Yes, it’s not easy answering the question “How much for social media design should you pay” exactly. But, ballpark figures always help.

Here’s a social media design price list we’ve created to give you a basic idea. Below, we’ll elaborate on the cost of each project.

LA23.15 - Design Brief-03.png

Social media post ($5 - $20 per post)

The cost of a single social media post design is affordable for any small business or startup. Social media post design on Fiverr and Upwork usually ranges between $5 and $20 per post. Some of the higher rates are usually the cost of a social media design package that includes several posts, which can also make the price of a single post lower (up to $10).

ManyPixels social media post design

The problem is, of course, that few people ever require a single post. So, when considering the average social media post design cost, it’s much better to calculate how much you’d spend per month.

Let’s say that you need around 10 posts per week (if you have 3 social media platforms and want to post 3 times per week), that means you’ll be paying between $200 and $400 per month for social media post design.

Of course, some freelance designers also wish to charge hour rates instead of per-project. The average rate for freelancers on Upwork is $30, while experienced designers can charge upwards of $100. If they can design 3-4 posts in one hour, you’re still looking at paying between $120 and $400 per week.

Social media banners and covers ($20 - $40)

It’s no surprise that social media banner cost is something most business owners are interested in. While the profile picture on your professional social accounts is usually your company logo, a banner needs to fit the size requirements of each platform and match your logo and brand identity.

So, it’s definitely a task best left to a professional designer.

Luckily social media banner cost is pretty affordable, and in most cases it’s a piece of design that will stay relevant for a long time.

The average social media banner cost is $25.

While you might want to change up your banners occasionally (e.g. to promote a sale, an event, new product, or create seasonal banners), this is likely a one-off expense. So, it’s one of the few social media design projects where working with freelancers pays off.

ManyPixels banner design

Social media ads ($15 - $40)

Bad graphics can diminish your organic reach, but when you pay to run ads, the stakes are a lot higher.

So, even if they don’t want to hire designers, most business owners will pay for social media ad design.

Luckily, this is another piece of design that’s fairly affordable. The average social media banner cost is similar to the social media post design cost, meaning around $15-$40 per ad design.

Of course, the key to getting good results with social media ad design is to provide the final copy. If a designer knows exactly what text will be included, they can create much more effective graphics. Changing the length of the text subsequently is also not recommended, as this can disrupt the layout and overall balance of the design.

Social media photo editing ($15 per photo)

Yes, we all know “social media isn’t real”. But if you want to promote your brand, be it a personal brand, or your company, it’s understandable you want to do it in the best possible light.

Editing photos before posting can be as simple as making them brighter or more in focus. Then there are also advanced retouching options and photo manipulation, including cropping out or adding objects, changing the background, etc. (we’ve all had fun with this guy’s photo editing frolics).

Basic photo editing can be cheap, but if you want dependable results, you should expect to pay at least $15 per photo.

Social media animation and motion graphics ($100-$300)

I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard - but videos are all the rage on social media right now: 93% of marketers say videos are a part of their social media content strategy, and 54% think it’s the most valuable content type. Over 60% of consumers say social videos are the most engaging type of content, and an impressive 93% of companies have acquired new customers via social media videos.

But, what if you don’t have access to quality recording equipment, or simply don’t like being in front of the camera?

Motion graphics are a great alternative for creating engaging video content for social media. The term “motion graphics” usually refers to simple pieces of animation, often based on simple shapes and text. Animation, on the other hand, usually describes more complex projects with a developed storyline, characters, settings, etc.

Whichever route you choose, this is hardly something you can do alone, as a non-designer. 

The cost of motion graphic design and animation is pretty vast (as you can imagine animating a single word or sentence is a whole lot easier than creating or even editing a complex animation scene). 

However, for the purposes of this social media graphic design pricing list, we’d advise you to pay between $100 and $300, for 15 to 30 seconds of animation.

ManyPixels motion graphics design

Again, this price is probably not out of reach. But, you ought to consider whether you wish to make motion graphics videos a regular part of your social media content. In that case, paying freelancers on a per-project basis can quickly become expensive.

Social media design package ($300 - $1500)

If you’ve crunched the numbers, you’ve probably realized that paying for social media graphic design per post is hardly worth it. Whether it’s a simple post, editing of photos, or a video project that will set you back at least a couple hundred dollars, it just doesn’t make sense to make budgeting so unpredictable.

So, a popular alternative request is a social media design package.

A social media design package can include a range of design elements that are tailored specifically for social media platforms. The exact contents of a social media design package can vary depending on the needs of the client and the designer, but some common components may include:

  1. Profile picture design: This includes the design of a profile picture that can be used across all social media platforms.
  2. Cover photo design: This is the design of a banner or header image that can be used to brand a social media page.
  3. Post templates: A set of templates that can be used to create consistent, branded social media posts.
  4. Infographics: These can be used to convey complex information in an easy-to-understand visual format.
  5. Animated graphics: These can include GIFs, videos, and other types of animations that are designed to capture the attention of social media users.
  6. Typography and color palette: A consistent typography and color palette can help to reinforce a brand's identity across all social media platforms.
  7. Ad design: This can include the design of social media ads, including static images and videos.
  8. Social media style guide: A comprehensive guide that outlines the brand's social media strategy, including tone of voice, messaging, and design guidelines.
  9. Brand assets: This can include any additional assets such as icons, logos, and other design elements that are used to support the brand's visual identity.

A social media design package price will vary depending on what’s included, somewhere between $300 and $1,500.

Purchasing a social media design package can be enough for a while, especially if you’re prepared to reuse templates. But, remember that social media usually requires fresh content, not to mention adapting to relevant trends. So, even purchasing a social media design package is not a forever solution.

So, what’s the best way to get consistent social media design at an affordable price? Head over to the next section to find out.

Get your social media design for a fixed price

How much do designers charge for social media graphics? As you can see, there’s no straight answer. We tried to provide you with some ballpark figures to guide you. Still, the designers’ experience, geographical location, and the freelancing platform you hire them on can all play a part in determining the final social media design cost.

Moreover, the cost of revisions is also something you must consider when working with freelance graphic designers. Most freelancing gigs allow you a set number of revisions, after which you must pay extra for any additional changes. This can be pretty frustrating (and expensive) when you want to get your social media ad, or an animated video just right.

So, is there another solution that doesn’t involve hiring a designer in-house or a pricey social media design agency (because that’s certainly the most expensive route)? Absolutely! Thousands of businesses are already using unlimited graphic design services to get their everyday design for a flat monthly fee.

Our service at ManyPixels allows you to get new social media graphics daily, as most requests take only 1-2 business days to complete. The fixed monthly rate also includes unlimited revisions and access to as many team members as you like. All your requests are made 100% to your liking!

So, how much for social media design would you be paying with ManyPixels? Our rates start at just $549! Our social media design packages include posts, ads, banners, and even GIFs! And the best thing is that our scope of services is not limited to social media design. If you ever need professional presentations, web design, email graphics, or any type of print design (from business cards to t-shirts) - we can help with that too!

Check out our design portfolio or book your free consultation with us to discover how we can help your business with social media graphic design. Or get started today with one of our affordable monthly plans!

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