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Looking for amazing landing pages templates? Don’t waste time browsing through hundreds of mediocre examples. Find the best landing page templates here!

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June 5, 2023

Landing page templates can save you a lot of time and money. But where can you find the best landing page templates? We’ve done the work for you and picked some of the most versatile and useful templates!

Let’s start with a common point of confusion - what’s the difference between a landing page and a homepage?

A landing page should always prompt users to take a specific action. In contrast, a homepage can be for purely informational purposes, although in many cases a homepage and landing page are indeed the same thing.

So, you might be wondering “can I use a landing page template as my homepage”? Absolutely! Some of these landing pages examples can make a great homepage, as well as different types of landing pages, such as:

  • Webinar or event registration
  • Lead generation pages
  • Lead capture landing page
  • App or software landing page
  • Product landing pages
  • Coming soon pages
  • Error page

So, without further ado - let’s get into some awesome landing pages! We’ve included lots of free landing pages templates, as well as a few paid options for you to consider.

We’ve split them up according to the platform you can find them on, for easier browsing.

Unbounce landing page templates

Unbounce is one of the most popular landing page builders online. Since Unbounce doesn’t offer just landing page templates, but also a software to edit the pages as well as hosting services, you’ll need to purchase a subscription. Pricing starts at $99 per month. However, you can also test it out with a 14-day free trial.


If you could look up a SaaS landing page in a dictionary, I’m sure something similar to this design would come up. Not only is the layout great (all the necessary sections are there such as pricing, social proof, value proposition, and features), but it is also designed with relevant SaaS trends in mind - the use of color (purple, pastels, and gradients) and minimalist icons.

unbounce saas.png

Getting Started Product Launch

The design of a product landing page should be simple - the key is great content. This simple template has a modern design with pretty fonts and a solid layout, but you need to populate it with your own product shots and even a product explainer video.

unbounce getting started.png

SaaS Flash Sale

The best landing page templates are sometimes incredibly short and simple, and this one proves it. Having a designated page for a flash sale can really help with conversions - once people click on an add or banner or your homepage, they want to be able to claim the discount quickly.

This page is cool and simple, and even has a placeholder for your logo. Since it’s black, virtually any logo could work. Just make sure to change the CTA button color if blue doesn’t fit your brand

unbounce flash sale.png

Harbour (Business Services)

A lead capture landing page will work well primarily thanks to these two factors: a user-friendly form and professional landing page design. The former is obviously a prerequisite for people sharing their contact details.

However, a professionally designed landing page can instill a sense of trust and prompt them to consider sharing their data in the first place. This lovely Unbounce landing page template comes with simple animated elements and a pretty color scheme that could convince any visitor your business takes itself seriously.

unbounce harbour.png

Referral Welcome

If you’re running a referral campaign, a designated landing page can really help you boost those conversions.

This simple page is both effective and easy to adapt. Simple change the main image to whatever you want it to be, but make sure it works well with your logo as it has been done with this landing page template.

unbounce referral.png

Colorlib landing page templates

Colorlib is one of the best places to find free WordPress themes and templates. So if this is your site builder of choice, you can find plenty of great options. You can purchase individual pages for as little as $19, or get access to all templates for $129 on an annual level.


This high-quality landing page template could easily serve as a homepage for any online business. It’s got a crisp, modern layout that could require very little tweaking.

Granted, it’s not the most original design out there, but if you’re a startup owner strapped for cash, this might be a great way to get your business off the ground.

colorlib imagine.png


This could be one of the best landing pages templates for events, as it’s both detailed and has a really great user-friendly layout.

The most important thing to remember with using landing page templates like these is to pick an eye-catching hero image. Whether it’s a conference, exhibition, or a concert - this image will help you grab viewers attention.

colorlib evento.png


Most brick-and-mortar businesses don’t need landing pages very often, so inexpensive or free landing page templates can be a good way to add them to your strategy without breaking the bank.

In case you have a cafe and want to promote a new, perhaps seasonal, drink (frappuccinos, anyone?), this landing page is a great choice.

colorlib coffee.png


Are you an aspiring blogger looking for a great template for landing page that will promote your personal brand? Look no further!

This simple and elegant landing page design will suit almost anyone, although you may want to change some of the illustrations in case they don’t fit you. We have a great library of free illustrations that you’re welcome to use!


Want to launch your app landing page in no time? This great template can help! All you really need to do is change the images to include screenshots of your app, add your content, and you’re practically good to go!

Granted, it’s not the most memorable of designs, but if time saving is a priority, it’s one of the best landing page templates you can get!

colorlib bulkapp.png

Wix landing page templates

You might know Wix as one of the most popular website builders. One of the reasons for it is the quality of design found in their library of templates. If you want free landing page templates, Wix doesn’t have tons of them. However, the few that you can find are top notch!

Coming soon landing page

Wix landing page templates are among the best designed ones you can find online. This landing page is a perfect way to announce a new website/product page you might be working on.

It might not look like much at first glance, but don’t be fooled - there are plenty of details here that show the work of an experienced web designer. For starters, the layout of the page is both elegant and impactful, with heaps of white space and sleek sans serif fonts.

It’s also a brilliant idea to add your social media profiles to a coming soon page, so that potential customers can stay connected while your new site is in the works.

wix coming soon 1.png

Consultant Landing Page

Wix landing page templates can be a great choice for solopreneurs or personal branding projects, thanks to their creative and trendy design.

This example is meant as a consultant landing page, but it would work really well for a number of professionals in the marketing/business industry. Parallax effect, micro animations and playful illustrations are just some of the features that will wow visitors, and help you show off yourself in the best professional light.

wix author.png

App Landing Page

If you’re wondering “can I use a landing page template as my homepage”, this next example will surely answer that dilemma.

This beautiful app landing page has gorgeous design, and all the sections you’d expect to find on an effective landing page/homepage. Although you can easily change the colors to your brand colors, bear in mind that the page has a pretty unique style (childish, playful, casual), so I recommend using it only if it fits your brand’s style.

wix app .png

Coming Soon Landing Page

Sometimes the best landing page templates are the simplest. This coming soon landing page consists of just three colors and a simple form that prompts visitors to leave their email to stay updated about the page launch.

If you want a beautiful landing page that needs little modification, this template might be worth checking out.

wix coming soon.png

Product Landing Page

Great product shots are the key to a successful product landing page. Still, using high-quality and free landing page templates, can help with showcasing your products in the best possible way.

This landing page template is particularly useful for tech products, thanks to an elegant dark background that could easily accommodate different types of product shots.

wix product.png

Leadpages landing page templates

This is another extremely popular landing page builder, so it’s a good place to find useful templates. The templates in Leadpages’ library are regularly updated, so it’s worth coming back at another time in case you don’t immediately find what you’re looking for.

Still, here are a few of our favorite picks.

E-webinar masterclass

This is a wonderful landing page to use for any type of webinar. Thanks to its elegant, muted color palette, it doesn't come across as “pushy”. The choice of fonts is also great. The mobile version of this landing page starts with a hero image, which is a good way to enhance your personal branding.

leadpages webinar.png

Black Friday Bundle Promotion

Black Friday is a while away now, but it’s never too early to think about one of the most important dates in retail!

This awesome landing page template will allow you to be all set for your tempting seasonal offers. The page is focused on big and bold value propositions, while the rest of the design (colors, images) is quite subdued, making the page perfectly balanced.

leadpages black friday.png

Bio Site

Want to take your outdated CV to the next level? Then creating a personal bio site can be a terrific way to impress potential clients and/or employers!

There are many great free landing page templates created for this purpose. Still, this one available from Unbounce with a 14-day free trial deserves a mention thanks to one single factor: its brevity. Remember that a bio page should give people access to relevant sites and examples of your work, rather than giving a detailed description of your life story.

leadpages coach.png

Nonprofit Donation Page

Here’s a super handy landing page template for all nonprofits.You could easily use this page and link it to a crowdfunding site, such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

Thanks to its minimalist design, this page could easily fit a number of different purposes. Just make sure to edit it with some fitting stock photos or custom illustrations.

leadpages nonprofit.png

Life Coach Sales Page

All sales pages have pretty similar layouts: value proposition, benefits/features, about, social proof, and CTA. So, don’t be fooled that this is one of those landing page templates that can only fit a single purpose.

Tweak the page with your own content and you’ll be surprised just how well this page can work for selling anything from physical products, to SaaS platforms.

leadpages life coach.png

Instapage landing page templates

Instapage offers a drag-and-drop landing page builder with a library of customizable templates. Their templates are sleek, conversion-focused, and can be easily edited to match your branding.

It’s definitely pricier than some of the other options, but there is a free trial available, so you might be able to get your landing page design for free.

Enrollment application

This is a type of landing page you won’t find as easily, so it’s worth a bookmark if you expect you might need it. It’s similar to a webinar/event registration page, but it’s a little more detailed. And it includes a user-friendly form that’s also optimized for mobile view.

instapage enrollment.png

Special Promotion Landing Page

If you compare Instapage landing page examples to some of the others, you’ll notice that design is generally simpler. The reason for this is that Instapage landing page builder allows you to customize pages fully, so the templates are merely meant to act as guidelines.

Nevertheless, this special promotion landing page has a solid lead capture form, mini infographics to highlight the benefits/features and a social proof section.

instapage promotion.png

Case Study Landing Page

Need a designated page for your customer testimonials?This page is a great choice.If you’re not sure where to start with sharing information about how you help your customers, this page offers a rock-solid foundation. Ideally, you’ll complete the page by adding a video testimonial.

instapage case study.png

Canva landing page templates

With everything else you can find on the platform, you might be wondering - does Canva have landing page templates? The answer is a resounding “yes”!

Here are just a few amazing Canva landing page templates you can get.

Travel & Tourism Landing Page

This simple, minimalistic landing page template can be a perfect choice for virtually any travel agency. Granted - it’s not as detailed as some of the pages listed above, but it can be a good way to advertise your most important offers.

canva travel page.png

Under Construction Page

“Coming soon” pages might seem like a formality. Still, don’t forget that this is your chance to impress potential clients, and get them to come back once your site is ready. This awesome Canva template is both very trendy, but simple and elegant enough to fit almost any business.


Website Error Page

This is one page that’s easily forgotten, even though it’s extremely important. If you haven’t had time to consider the design of your 404 error page, a lovely and modern template like this one can be a lifesaver.

canva error page.png

Writing Portfolio

Here’s another lovely personal branding website/landing page template. The color palette is truly stunning, paired with some beautiful typography. So you don’t really need much in way of images to really make this a beautiful and useful landing page.

canva writer page.png


By now you don’t need to wonder “does Canva have landing page templates”. However, bear in mind that many of Canva’s templates require paying a subscription. Most of what you can get for free are pretty simple landing pages, such as a “coming soon” or a login/registration page.

A longer page, such as this great homepage will usually require payment. Still, a stylish page like this could be a perfect choice for interior designers or architect websites.

canva homepage.png

Final word

We hope you’ll find some of these landing page templates useful. Don’t forget that there are hundreds, if not thousands of options out there, so it pays to do your research and find a landing page that fits your needs.

Of course, don’t forget that customizing online templates is a must. You can always use website builder templates, such as Wix landing page templates. But don’t forget to factor in the hours you’ll spend customizing these pages - is it worth it in the long run?

On the other hand, if you’d like some help with customizing your templates, be sure to consider our on-demand website design service. You can get unlimited requests and revisions at a flat monthly rate!

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.

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