How to Create a Powerful Landing Page with Wix

Learn how to easily create a landing page for your next marketing campaign or event with the Wix Website Builder.

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June 5, 2023

Learn how to easily create a landing page for your next marketing campaign or event with the Wix Website Builder, and grab site visitors’ attention with beautiful templates.

For marketers and one-man-show small business owners, it’s as clear as day that a landing page is a necessary marketing tool for any lead magnet marketing campaign or promoting an event. Most of the time, people with a greater knowledge do this in WordPress, but since web design isn’t everyone’s forte, we’re happy to have plenty of website builders and landing page builders like Instapage that function with the drag and drop principle and are very easy to use and edit.

In this article, we’ll concentrate on the Wix landing page options, templates and ADI design, plugins, optimization and analytics.

Setting up your Wix account

Setting up an account on Wix is a very straightforward process, and you don’t need to watch tutorials to get that far.

You can create your account on Wix with a basic signup with an email address, name and creating a safe password. You can do it directly through your Google account or Facebook profile too.

sign up.jpg

And that’s it! You can get a lot out of if you are a marketer, a small and up-and-coming startup, or need a landing page for an event or campaign. Whether you go for a free landing page, or want to have a more personalized experience with a Premium account, Wix is a smart investment if you want an easy-built landing page that is functional and looks great.

From there on out, I was able to change and customize pretty much everything about this: headers, subheaders, text size and color, background, images, icons, logos… The way it functions is you click on an element, and a menu opens. You can select a tool and use it to create a customized experience for your landing page.

Building a landing page with Wix ADI

Once you’ve set up your account, you can go on to build a new website. At this step, you basically need to answer a few questions created to help your building process and create a personalized landing page through Wix’s ADI (artificial design intelligence) tool.


For the sake of simplicity and explaining the tool straight to the point, I decided to let it build a landing page for a digital conference. So I chose to create a landing page for an event.

type of site.jpg

After selecting the ‘Conference Landing Page’ option, the next steps were naming my landing page, setting the location, date and time. After adding all the needed details, I was given a review and edit option. You can edit these details later as well, so in case there are changes or you’ve made a mistake, it’s easy to fix it.


The next step with the Wix ADI landing page builder process is to choose a general theme that you’d like your landing page to be in. Themes differ in both aesthetics and functionality, especially in details such as header sizes, color palettes, typography, CTA and button designs, and plenty of other details. However, you can have some control and customize these details later, as well as add and edit more than the three pages that are automatically generated.


After you’ve chosen a theme, you will be offered three designs in that color palette and general style. I chose the ‘Agency’ theme and was offered these three picks.


Building a landing page with templates or from scratch

Instead of going the auto-generated theme shortcut, you can also choose one of the many landing page templates on Wix, or even build yours from scratch. Here is the process for building one with a template in visual steps.

The first few steps are the same as before, but instead of choosing that you want Wix ADI to build a landing page for you, go to the templates section.


There, you will be offered a vast library of ready-made landing pages that you can edit and customize to the best of your ability and needs. I once again wanted to create a test landing page for a digital conference.

I chose the template with a 3D animation background and a purple and off-white color palette on the homepage.

template purple.jpg

The drag and drop style of editing is very intuitive, so you won’t have a huge problem with designing. On the contrary, it’s very fun and you can learn a lot about the front-end of website design.

You can add images and videos from Wix’s own library, or upload your own multimedia assets. You can also customize the page menu, what pages are named and reorder it.

Apart from the visual design customization, something great is that you can use the many plugins and widgets that are available in the Wix App Market. There is a whole plethora of tools, like an eCommerce online store, pricing slides, social media post magnets, contact forms for event registration, email list creation for webinars or email marketing subscribers, as well as many other useful tricks up Wix’s sleeve.

Optimization for mobile devices

An important step that will save you a lot of time is to optimize your landing page to look as good on mobile devices as it does on desktop. Wix has a very efficient page layout optimizer that will make sure your headers and CTAs aren’t cut, and all important visual elements are properly displayed on mobile devices too.

There are some tips and tricks that will help your SEO too, both on desktop and mobile, so you can get more clicks on your page. Learn more about Wix’s best SEO practices here.

mobile version.jpg

Publishing your landing page

Once you’ve created your project and reviewed all the important elements and small details, you can move onto publishing.

Basically, there are two options. The first one is publishing a free landing page with a domain name under Wix. In the case of my landing page, the free domain name would be It is a very long and hard to remember domain, so naturally, you might need to have a custom domain name that suits you better, is easy to memorize and refers to your brand.

You can also connect your landing page to an existing domain, but that is only available through upgrading to a paid Wix Premium account. You can learn more about Wix Premium in this article about Wix blogs, Wix logo maker or this in-depth comparison guide on Wix vs. Shopify.


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