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25 Beautiful Travel Fonts That Are Perfect for Logo Designs or Vlogs

25 Travel Fonts to Use in Your Logo Design or Vlogs

Feb 17, 2021
8 minutes


From an aesthetic that yells “adventure”, to fancy typography that brings luxury and class, check out these typefaces that will beautify your travel vlogs and branding efforts.

If you’re not a graphic designer, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about typography and how it might influence your unique style and look. However, typefaces make a huge difference in graphic design, and will greatly benefit the look of your YouTube thumbnails, headers on blogs, social media posts, and even your unique travel logo.

No matter what you need a new font for, we made this wide selection of free travel fonts, as well as some available for purchase that you can incorporate into your branding. You can choose from four different categories, so you can easily find whatever you’re looking for quickly.

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Script fonts

Nothing says freedom, adventure, summer and playfulness, like calligraphy fonts and their luscious decorative ligatures. Script fonts will offer your design a cute and feminine feel, but also evoke a sense of wanderlust and joyfulness that come with sandy beaches and the smell of coconut.

1. Countryside (free for personal use)

This lovely and dynamic font has cute swashes and a handwritten feel, but at the same time its spacing makes it legible and a good choice for a display font. Calligraphy fonts are sometimes hard to read, so be careful that they don’t compromise your design by making it illegible.


2. Salmon Script (free for personal use)

Salmon Script is a thinner, more written-in-ink like font, that has a striking look due to the stark difference between the upper and lower parts of the letters: the tops are larger, and the lower parts are very condensed, making it look scribbly and authentic. If you need a second font, make sure you pair it up with a simple sans serif font, so that it’s not too decorative and overdone.


3. Vegan Style (free for personal use)

This fun cursive font has a thick width, which gives it a look as if it’s been written in marker. It is adapted to multiple alphabets, since it has 269 glyphs and 283 characters. So, if you need anything more than the Latin Alphabet in a handwritten font, this is what you need.


4. Halimun (free for personal use)

Ladies and gentlemen, we found something that looks like a doctor’s handwriting, but is beautiful! Halimun has a gentle and elegant look, that will give an extra sense of freedom and peacefulness to the overall design.


5. Mystical Snow (free for personal use)

If you need to add some wintery, holiday magic to your creations, Mystical Snow has that special something for you. Both lowercase and uppercase letters are decorative and slightly italic, and the generous ligatures make this font beautiful and perfect for thumbnail design.


6. Amalfi Coast (free for personal use)

Just like the Amalfi Coast itself, this script font is beautiful, elegant and impressive. The handwritten lettering with very thin strokes and authentic ligatures make it a very unique font, and the lowercase letters offer a quirkiness that makes it seem somewhat experimental.


7. Valentine (free for personal use)

Valentine is a modern script font, whose ligatures are forming little hearts. Although not thematically connected to travel, it’s perfect for a vlog from a honeymoon trip or a nice visit to a spa resort.


Sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are cleaner and usually not as decorative, but sometimes they can offer a stylish and modern look to designs that no other font style can. There are plenty of sans serifs that are inspired by architecture and the Art Deco art movement, so they are suitable for use in travel-related media as well.

8. Monument Valley (free for commercial use)

This thin and tall all uppercase font is stripped-down and modern, and ideal for titles. However, it currently lacks numbers and punctuation, except for a comma, period and apostrophe. So it’s only downside is that it’s very limited.


9. Wolf Rubeus (free for personal use)

Not a single font, not a font duo, but a trio comes with this package of a sans serif, outline sans serif and brush script font. It is great if you need dynamic and diversity in your longer titles and headers.




10. Made Cannes (free for personal use)

This retro and luxurious Art Deco-inspired font really conveys the beauty and luxury of Cannes in its aesthetic. The drastically different thin and thick lines make for a staggering look that reminds me of the posters of 60s Golden era films that premiered… at Cannes, of course!


11. Azonix (free for commercial use)

Not every travel destination means beaches, summer vibes and uncharted roads. Some places look futuristic, brutalist and very urban. Azonix is a font that will help you relay the vibe that places like Tokyo and Singapore have: its sharp edges and sci-fi vibe are unique and unlike any other font on this list.


12. Celine Peach (free for personal use)

Another Art Deco-inspired font, Celine Peach has a generous width and a lovely, retro look. It only has uppercase letters, which makes it a bit limiting, but if you’re planning to use it in YouTube videos as a header, it’s great.


13. Engebrechtre (free for commercial use)

This early 20th-century inspired font has an industrial and historical feel and comes in eight different variations. What’s characteristic about it, is that its dots are round instead of slanted in the italic version, which makes it a very authentic typeface.


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Decorative fonts

If you want some pizzazz and an unusual look in your typography, whether it’s a textured font, stencil or framing, here are some freebie fonts for personal use, as well as one fully free typeface. They’ll help you make your designs “foreign” or textured.

14. Leixo (free for personal use)

Leixo is a stencil font with a wide array of decorative elements, especially when using uppercase letters. Every letter is uppercase, but if you hit caps lock while writing it will help you create a ‘stencil-touched multifunctional headline’.


15. Don’t Click Me (free for personal use)

I can swear I’ve seen a travel blog from Hawaii or something with this font plastered on the thumbnail. If I haven’t, it clearly belongs on one. The thick and thin combined lines on this brush calligraphy font make for a charming and dynamic aesthetic that you’ll surely employ a lot.


16. Calligraphy (free for personal use)

This pretty and very authentic calligraphic font has two versions: regular and wet. The wet one looks like writing in ink and brush, with some extra ‘ink blots’ that make it a very visually rich look. It is a great choice of font to lend a look to your vlogs that makes it seem like an entry in your diary about one of your dreamy stays.


17. Blow Me (free for personal use)

What an attitude this font has got! Well, apart from its teenage angsty name, its attitude is also translated in its look: grungy, bulky and very noticeable. It might help you convey a message that, after all, you didn’t really enjoy that one trip.


18. Mahaputra (free for personal use)

Visiting places like India or South-East Asia? If you want to give a taste of that vibe to your designs too, Mahaputra is a beautifully decorative and legible font. The ornaments and gentle ligatures will make any header look unique and breathtaking.


19. Sketsa Ramadhan (free for personal use)

If Mahaputra is the suitable font for the far Asian lands, Sketsa Ramadhan is an Oriental-looking typeface inspired by Middle Eastern typography and architecture. It is very intricate and detailed and will make your design incredibly delicate.


20. Rivanna NF (free for commercial use)

And now, for something completely different! This Art Nouveau font is the perfect decorative lettering for a visit to France, the home of this lavish and unique art style.


Serif fonts

Finally, we have the grandad of all font styles: the reliable and respectable serif. We selected a few serif fonts that will help you add a sense of tradition, reliability and high class to your looks.

21. Park Lane (free for commercial use)

This free-flowing font is an addition to the Adobe Fonts type foundry and is designed by Alan Meeks. Its ligatures are unusually connected to preceding characters in plenty of variants and will make a great header for a video about your visit to a classically loved tourist city, such as NYC.


22. Optimus Princeps (free for commercial use)

What better to use in content about Rome, than a modern serif inspired by Roman inscriptions in stone? Optimus Princeps is a highly-detailed font that gives ancient typography a modern twist.


23. De Bambeet (free for personal use)

This lovely serif inspired by Wester European 16th-century signages might as well belong on the entrance of a Belgian brewery, but it can make your thumbnails equally pretty.


24. Indira K (free for commercial use)

Indira K is a font that also borrows some Oriental imagery in its inspiration, but is adapted to a more European-style of classical serif typography. That makes it a perfect choice for a legible font with a tad bit of decorative value, that’s great to use if you want a subtle nod to Oriental aesthetics, instead of a fully decorative font.


25. Cyrano (free for personal use)

Finally, we have this lavish font that screams France. It is stylish and very decorative, but the thin lines and long ligatures give it a toned-down look and class that is rarely seen in a font so rich with details.


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Stefanija Tenekedjieva

February 17, 2021

Journalist turned content writer. Based in North Macedonia, aiming to be a digital nomad. Always loved to write, and found my perfect job writing about graphic design, art and creativity. A self-proclaimed film connoisseur, cook and nerd in disguise.