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26 Examples Of Requests You Can Make with Manypixels

👍🏻 Whether you are a one-man show, a startup, an agency, or a big-time company, we got you covered!

ManyPixels is the perfect on-demand graphic design solution, powered by talented people and enabled by great technology. 🙌🏻

Here are 26 examples of graphics crafted by our Creative Team, that you can request on our platform. 👇🏻

1. Social Media Graphics 

It’s no secret that, as consumers of social media, our newsfeeds are stirred with advertising, products, and services, updates, and calls to action. As a company, it might be overwhelming to strategize a way for your brand to stand out.
This is where ManyPixels steps in and helps you get visual with remarkable graphics for all social media channels. 🙌🏻

2. Blog Graphics


👆🏻 Add some eye-catching graphics for boosting your blog traffic. Check out our free ManyPixels Illustration Gallery for enhancing your inspiration and creativity, by adding cool, custom-made illustrations to your graphics.  

3. Landing Page

Landing pages are a quick way to tell visitors the benefits of your app or website. They are also often used in digital marketing to capture visitor attention and reduce bounce rate.
We create cutting edge landing page concepts, made from scratch or based on your wireframes.

4. Custom-made Illustrations

Agency Burning Screen

ManyPixels is the GO-TO solution for unique illustrations, made from scratch for both digital and print. Use them in a commercial or non-commercial way for your landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, social media graphics, and more!
Check out our Gallery also. 

5. Digital Ads

Boost your brand's awareness with targeted ad graphics, made from scratch, or based on your brand guidelines. 👀

6. Ebook Design

What better way to capture leads than by offering free stuff? Whether you are preparing an ebook, an online conference, a webinar, or a free guide, add some nice graphics to it to convert better. Here's a noteworthy e-book concept we've done recently. 👆🏻

7. Infographics

A great way to engage users is to create some nice custom-made infographics.

💡 Tips & Tricks 👉🏻 This type of graphics can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends.

8. Mascot Logo 

Primarily dominated by mascots, or illustrated characters that are cartoon-like and fun, this type of logo is a strong brand spokesperson, as it often acts as the “brand ambassador” of a business.

9. Brand Guidelines 

👆🏻 An outstanding overview of your brand's graphics, vision, personality, key values, and more. 

10. Business Card

Personalized business card concepts for emphasizing your professionalism. 👆🏻

11. Lead Capture Design

Whether you are offering a free or paid product/service, it is important to illustrate your offerings correctly to ensure the maximum traffic conversion. 🤞🏻

12. Stationery Design 

Business cards, folders, letterheads, envelopes, invoices, purchase orders, post-its, note pads, and more! 🙌🏻

13. Email Graphics 

Brand your emails with the right graphics to boost clicks and engagement. 💪🏻

14. GIF 

👆🏻 Cool motion graphics for brand enhancement. 😎

15. Online Course Lead Capture Design

Creating an online course is useful to capture leads that you can then sell your products to. 😉

16. Onboarding Illustrations

Congrats, you got traffic on your website. Now, convert those visitors into signups or customers with a mesmerizing onboarding experience.

17. Presentation Design 

Keep your audience visually engaged with a slick, well-designed presentation.

18. Icons

Custom-made, authentic icons are a powerful way to make your brand stand out.

19. Web Design 

Cutting edge web design concepts, either made from scratch or based on your wireframes.

20. Reports Design

Present information in a clear and attractive way to investors, employees, or prospective customers.

21. Company Profile Design

Company profiles and annual reports can be a good way to communicate with prospective customers or investors about your company.

22. Flyer Design  

ManyPixels helps you design positive experiences during the use of original flyer designs, pamphlets, leaflets, and more.

23. Brochure & Booklet Design

Brochure & Booklet concepts for sales, advertising, events, and more, made from scratch or based on your brand guidelines.

24. Book Cover Design 

ManyPixels can help you put together noteworthy book cover concepts, by also using custom-made illustrations and icons.

25. Posters 

Outstanding print graphics for education, advertising, events, and more.

26. Billboards & Banners

Create awareness by effectively broadcasting the services of your business outdoor.
...and MANY MORE you can request with ManyPixels! 🙌🏻

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