The ManyPixels Help Center

How to Communicate with Your Designer?

You can interact with your designer through our web app. 

In each request, there is a Messages tab that you and your designer will use to communicate with one another.

This can also be used to share files that were not already included in the brief.

Messages Tab

Can you call your designer?

No. We do not support direct phone calls/video meetings between our designers and our customers.

Note: With our Designated Designer Plan, you can chat directly with your designer via Slack in real-time.

Record a Loom video

A simple and efficient way to give feedback to your designer is to record yourself while commenting on a design, explaining an idea/concept, or providing revisions. 

Check out the Loom app to do so. It is super easy to use and free.

Reach out to our Support Team

If you need help with anything or have a question/issue/remark regarding the communication between you and your designer, do not hesitate to contact us.