The ManyPixels Help Center

Daily Output & Delivery Time

Every morning, our Operations team will look at the requests in your queue and decide, in collaboration with your designer, what should be delivered for the day, in terms of both new requests and revisions.

Since we work day by day, you can always expect to receive an update, i.e a daily output on your new requests or revisions on the next business day.

Defining an exact measure of how many requests or designs your designer(s) will be able to deliver on a daily basis is nearly impossible as:

  • design is a creative process
  • each request is different both in size and complexity
  • revisions on previous requests also have to be factored in

However, here is a rough estimate of what you can expect to receive from your designer on a daily basis, i.e. the daily output:

  • 2-3 social media graphics
  • or 1-2 custom illustrations (more if they are not too complex)
  • or 2-3 display ads
  • or 4-5 pages of a brochure, e-book, report or slide deck
  • or 1 GIF draft (2-3 sec)
  • or 1-2 flyers
  • or 1 logo draft
  • or the first draft of a landing page

If you would like to receive more, you can always contact us for a custom subscription plan.

How long will it take to complete a project?

The speed at which a request will be completed depends on factors such as:

  • the complexity and size of the request
  • how many ongoing requests and revisions you currently have in your queue
  • the quality of your brief and the time you and your designer have been working together

To get a rough estimate of how long a request might take, you can refer to the estimates of daily output here above.

The Queue and Delivered tabs

Your Queue is your pipeline of requests. Your designer will work on it from top to bottom. 

Once your designer is done working on a request, he/she will mark it as delivered. This might happen when:

  • the request is done
  • your designer is missing input from your side (instruction, feedback, files)

Think of it as a ping-pong game. As soon as there is nothing more we can do on a request, we will send the ball to your side and move it to the Delivered tab. Then when you reply and give us new instructions, the ball will move to our side and the request will be moved back to your Queue.

This ensures that we keep moving/working on your Queue efficiently, by keeping only requests that are actionable on our side. 

Note that delivered does NOT mean the request cannot be worked on anymore. You can simply reply to a delivered request and it will be moved back to the top of your queue. Your designer will then work on the necessary revisions for the next business day.

You can learn more about managing your request here.


Revisions are a big part of the design process. No matter how good your brief is and how talented your designer is, your projects will certainly require a couple of revisions. That's totally fine and normal.

Every time you ask for a revision it will be factored into your daily output.

If you ask for a revision on requests in the Delivered tab, that request will automatically move back to the top of your Queue.

Learn more about how to give design revisions.