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Brand Profiles

With brand profiles, you have to upload all of your brand assets only once. Every time you submit a new request you can choose to link it with one of your brand(s). This will be a huge time saver and will ensure your designer is always working with the same brand assets.

1. Create a brand profile

On the top panel, you will see the Brands tab, then click on Create Brand.

You will then be asked to enter a name, industry, and description.

Ideas on what to include in the description:

  • What does your brand represent?
  • What products or services are you providing?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your brand's mission and values? 
Create Brand Profile
Create Brand Profile2

2. Upload your assets

Assets that can be included in a brand profile are:

  • Logo (different variations, colors, etc)
  • Brand guide
  • Color Palette (Hex code)
  • Fonts
  • Imagery
  • Any other assets that you think could be useful for your designer such as previous graphics, templates, documents, etc.
Create Brand Profile3

3. Link your brand profile to your requests

When submitting a new request you will be asked to select which brand profile you would like to link with that request.

Create Brand Profile5