The ManyPixels Help Center

Manypixels Production Schedule

ManyPixels is open all year long, Monday to Friday.  

Nevertheless, every year, we are closed for two days:

  • December 25 - Christmas Day
  • January 1st - New Year's day

You can still submit your tasks to our app, it will be handled during our normal working days.

💡 Tips & Tricks!

This helps you ensure there isn't anything urgent you need to have designed when we are closed: 👇🏻

  • Keep production time-offs in mind or written on your calendar.
  • Plan your requests ahead. 👉🏻 The end of the year is a busy time for everybody, the most efficient way of getting everything done on time is to create and submit your requests ahead so that we can have the necessary time to deliver everything on schedule.
  • Check out our newsletter and app notifications. 👉🏻 We know that you receive countless emails during the Holidays, but don't miss out on our announcements, we only send the good stuff. No pointless emails.