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How to Request a Logo

🙌🏼 Going back to the basics, what exactly is a logo? Is it just a random symbol made up of an icon and a text, or is there much more to it than meets the eye?

The logo is the visual ambassador of your brand. It reflects who you are to your target audience, what you value, and what story are you here to tell. This might be a little overwhelming for a tiny symbol!
Here's a complete guide to submitting an appealing and well-written logo design brief, helping your ManyPixels designer get on the right track towards creating the perfect logo for your business. 👇🏻

1. Name your request.

This first section is similar to the subject line of an email - the more concise you can be, the better! Examples: 

  • ManyPixels logo redesign
  • ClickWhale - Logo Design
  • Logo design for "eleMentals" brand

2. Select your brand profile.

When submitting a new logo request you will be asked to select which brand profile you would like to link with it: 

  • you can choose an already created brand profile, allowing your designer to have access to those brand assets you want to be redesigned or used as inspiration, making the process faster and easier. 
  • you can request a logo for a completely new brand, in which case you can always create a new brand profile or simply use the upload button below for any designs, assets, or inspiration we should follow. 

☝🏻 For how to create brand profiles and link them to your request, check 👉🏻 Brand Profiles 

3. Provide information about your business and industry.

Before getting to the visual aspects of the logo, your assigned designer must first understand the "why" behind it. This section of the brief must answer questions like the following: 

  • What is your business about? What are the core values, purpose, and strategy?
  • What is the target market? Who are the customers and what do they think and want?
  • Who are the competitors? How are you different, or want to be perceived as different, from them? 

☝🏻 ManyPixels designers use this information to adapt different logo design techniques to different categories of products, prospects, and industries, so this is a good place to go into detail.

4. Communicate how should the logo look like. 

The most efficient approach for getting back personalized, unique logo concepts from your designer is simply.. communication. Your designer cannot yet read your mind so the more into detail you can go regarding visual direction, style, and color palette, the faster you will obtain a perfect matching end result. 🙌🏻

  • Describe what logo type you need:

 👉🏻 monogram logo (brand initials: HBO, IBM, CNN, etc.)

 👉🏻 wordmarks (font-based: Google, FedEx, ebay etc.), 

 👉🏻 pictorial mark (icon based: Apple's well, Audi's rings , Twitter's bird etc.), 

 👉🏻 mascot logo (illustrated character: Michelin Man by Michelin, Julio Pringles by Pringles, Quicky by Nesquik, etc.).

  • Describe the wanted design style: 

👉🏻 for example vintage, minimal, SF, isometric, skeuomorphic, etc. 

  • Provide suggestions regarding the color palette:

 👉🏻 it can be as general as “red and black”, or even more specific, you can provide palettes containing specific color values, using tools like Color Hunt / Coolors / Paletton

5. Inspiration 

What other similar logo concepts do you like and why? You can upload them as attachments, share them as links or even save them and select them as your brand profile.
You can also upload a pre-existing logo your brand might have that you want to redesign.
☝🏻Where to find inspiration? Check our Ultimate Guide to creating efficient Mood Boards.

🙌🏻 After you've successfully completed all sections of the brief and submitted the project, your assigned designer will start working on it and will deliver the first draft on the next business day (sometimes 2 for complex requests). If revisions are needed, no worries, you can easily communicate with your designer using the chat in the ManyPixels app.

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