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Cancel or Pause Your Subscription

Don't need design anymore? Put your account on hold or cancel.

Going on Pause

Are you planning to use the service at a later time but would like to keep access to your requests and files? You can put your account on hold for $10 per month and move back to an active plan at any time.

Note that you have the option to put your account on hold immediately or at the end of your billing cycle. If you choose to put your account on hold immediately, the remaining credits will be kept in your balance and applied to your next invoice. 

A new billing cycle will start when you resume your subscription. Any leftover credits from your previous billing cycle will be applied to your next invoice.

You can check the current status (Active, Cancelled, Inactive, Paused) of your account in the Billing tab. To learn more check out this article.

Cancel your subscription

Don't need design anymore? Bear in mind that a lot of problems (delays, unhappy designs, communication issues) can be solved by our support team, here is how to contact us. Also, it would be great if you could give us some feedback.


ATTENTION: canceling your account will result in the loss of all your requests and files. If you wish to keep access to your files we suggest pausing your account instead.

How to do it?

To cancel your plan or put it on hold, head to the Billing tab by clicking on your name at the top right of the app, select Billing, and you will be routed to the Billing tab. 

You can then click the Pause/Cancel Plan button.

Pause & Cancel