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Learn What ManyPixels' Designers Can Do For You

ManyPixels Scope of Service: What We Can Design For You

If you're interested in our simple, professional and affordable design service, learn what exactly we can create for you.

March 31, 2021
8 minutes


If you’re thinking about entrusting ManyPixels with your design needs, here’s a quick rundown of everything we do.

ManyPixels is a subscription-based unlimited design service, meaning we take care of as many design requests as you want for the same flat monthly rate.

Now while the number of design requests is unlimited, we can’t say that we do every type of graphic design there is; it’s a pretty vast field and rarely does one service, even large design agencies, have the resources to tackle all.

However, as you will see our scope of service is quite extensive, so let’s dive right in and see what kind of design requests ManyPixels can create!

Pricing plans

We currently offer three different pricing plans, and each includes different types of design that you can request. Here are our three pricing options:

  • Advanced: $549 per month
  • Business: $899 per month (also our most popular plan)
  • Dedicated Designer: $1,199 per month

Each plan covers unlimited requests, unlimited revisions and unlimited brands (you can create a separate brand profile for each on our platform and upload any brand assets and guidelines for a faster design process).

Each plan also covers free stock assets and source files: we always deliver them together with the final design and they are easily stored for you on our custom platform.

So, let’s see what types of design requests you can get with each plan.

LA21.57 Graphic - Revised-01.png

Scope of service: Advanced plan

Advanced plan covers the everyday needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here’s what you can get designed with this plan:

  • Display Ads: having unique, eye-catching display ads will help you boost brand recognition and sales.

  • Social Media Graphics: stunning visuals for all major social media platforms, or a complete social media graphics kit to keep you sorted

  • Banner Ads: we know all about creating the perfect web banner that looks great and converts!

  • Newsletters and Email Banners/Headers: email marketing is still hot, so don’t miss out on the chance to impress clients and get more conversions with your next campaign!

  • Blog Banners/Headers: don’t let your content marketing efforts go to waste because of a poorly designed blog page—make your posts a delight to read with great visuals.

  • Business Cards: business cards still have a big ROI and a custom design shows you’re professional and on top of your game. However, sharing is caring so we also provided some cool designs for free!

  • Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Catalogues: whatever marketing collateral you need, we got it covered! Check out our flyer guide for design inspiration, or head to our blog for industry-specific design ideas!

  • Business Reports: business reports don’t have to be tedious to read if they have a great layout and an effective design.

  • Infographics: data visualization is a hot design trend in 2021, so jump on board with stunning visuals that carry information value.

  • Icons: simple, but effective—create custom icons for your website, social media or print materials.

  • Podcast Graphics: whatever your niche, we can deliver the right style and type of graphics.

  • Event Graphics: whether it’s a Facebook event cover or graphics for a live event, we do it all!

  • E-commerce Graphics: ecommerce will keep growing, so make sure you have all the visual assets needed to make your business blossom.

  • T-shirt Graphics: if you’re looking to make some extra cash selling T-shirts online, our team can make sure you’ve got top-notch designs that will sell!

  • Books and Ebook Covers: don’t be embarrassed to show off your work because of an ugly cover—get an outside that matches the inside!

  • Thumbnail Images: from YouTube thumbnails to web design, we know how to grab the audience’s attention with one awesome image!

  • Stickers: cute freebies for your customers, or custom decal you can sell online, we definitely know a thing or two about sticker design!

  • Menu Design: fast food or fine dining, we can always match your style.

  • Print Advertising: don’t worry about RGB and CMYK or the correct sizes—any printed materials not mentioned previously, we can design!

  • Merchandise: such as caps, mugs, hoodies and more

  • Light Photo Editing: we’re Photoshop masters and know how to make your photos go from drab to fab!

  • Custom Illustrations: stand out from the crowd with illustrations that are custom-made for you; we cover a range of different illustration styles, so just tell us what you’re looking for!

  • Web Design: we provide web design based on existing wireframes or an existing website; note that we are not a web development service, so we don’t do coding, but we do have a web development partnership, which gives you access to discounted rates with PSD2HTML!

  • 2-3 sec GIFs: it takes great skill and design talent to create a moving image, but it’s certainly a fantastic way to capture your audience’s attention

  • Logos & Branding: from the initial rough draft to the finalized polished version our designers have a lot of experience creating the perfect brand image

  • PPT & Google Slides Deck: impress potential clients, partners and investors with a professionally designed presentation (delivered in PDF, PowerPoint or Google Slides)

See some of ManyPixels’ best design works

Get the ManyPixels Design Library 2022

Scope of service: Business plan

At first glance you might wonder why the same scope of service means almost double the price in our Business plan. The answer is simple: you get double the work!

The main difference between the Advanced and Business plan is the quantity of output. It’s a very popular plan with creative agencies that need a lot of designs done.

Here’s what you can get with the Business plan:

  • Everything in Advanced plan
  • Double daily output
  • **1-2 days delivery **

See below what our estimated daily output looks like.

Scope of service: Dedicated Designer

Our newest plan is the perfect middle ground between hiring a full-time designer and an unlimited design service.

With this plan, you get assigned a designer from our team that works almost exclusively for you. They work in the same timezone as you and are available in real time via Slack. As of yet, this option is only available for customers in the US and Central European time zones.

Another major upgrade with this plan is that you can get designs back in the same day! Imagine putting in a request in the morning and getting it back, ready for use in the afternoon!

This plan is popular for big businesses that want all the benefits of an in-house designer, at a much lower cost. Of course, thanks to the large daily output and ability to make small tweaks super fast, it’s another great option for busy creative agencies.

  • Everything in Business plan
  • Dedicated designer: A personal touch is important and with this plan, it’s exactly what you get. A professional from our vast team of 5+ skilled talents will become an extension of your team. They will get a deep understanding of your brand and needs and always make your tasks a priority in their daily work.
  • Same-day delivery: This is not a commitment we make lightly. That’s why this option is only available with our top plan to ensure designers can always deliver on the promise.
  • Real time communication via Slack: If you love being an active part of the design process, this is for you. It’s also the best way to get quick and easy tweaks done. No need to log into the app - make quick requests on the go, and have the entire team on the same page, at all times.

What’s our daily output?

Aside from being affordable and simple, the greatest advantage of our service is that we work fast. With vetter designers and smart delegation, we make sure that design projects take as little time as possible.

You’ll always receive initial feedback from us within 24 hours, or the first draft of your request in case of smaller projects. This is what our designers can do in one working day:

  • 2-3 social media graphics
  • or 1-2 custom illustrations (more if they are not too complex)
  • or 2-3 display ads
  • or 4-5 pages of a brochure, e-book, report or slide deck
  • or 1 GIF draft (2-3 sec)
  • or 1-2 flyers
  • or 1 logo draft
  • or the first draft of a landing page

Learn how to get started with our unlimited graphic design service

Download the ManyPixels User Guide — you’ll find all the useful information there

To make sure that the process runs smoothly, there are a couple of things that you can do to help us:

  1. Write a clear design brief: including relevant information is easy with our simple app used for requesting design; or read this article to learn how to do it well.
  2. Organize your requests: another benefit of our custom app is that you can pause or prioritize your design requests so that we know what needs to be done first; this way you’ll always have your designs ready in time!
  3. Understand that it’s a process: design is a creative task meaning there are rarely any clear rights or wrongs. Instead, it’s a process of trial and error, so if you don’t like the first draft, please let our designers know what you want to be changed. Our unlimited services mean unlimited revisions, so we’re always happy to keep working until we get it 100% right!

If you’d like to see some of our work, check out this selection of ManyPixels projects.

Ready to design with us?

We hope this brief overview of our scope of services helped you figure out if ManyPixels is the right design solution for you!

If you would like to learn even more about us and see how everything works on a day-to-day basis, make sure to schedule your 1:1 demo. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions!

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Danica Popovic

March 31, 2021

Having lived and studied in London and Berlin, I'm back in native Serbia, working remotely and writing short stories and plays in my free time. With previous experience in the nonprofit sector, I'm currently writing about the universal language of good graphic design. I make mix CDs and my playlists are almost exclusively 1960s.