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StefanijaJul 02, 2020

21 Mesmerizing Book Cover Ideas That Fit the Story Perfectly

You should never judge a book by its cover, but these 21 amazing examples will make that impossible. Check them out to find inspiration for your own cover design.... Read more
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DanicaJul 02, 2020

16 Sleek Financial Logos Fit for a Digital Age

Whether we like it or not—money makes the world go round, and people like bankers, accountants and financial consultants help us all move together with it. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect finance logo, here are 16 wonderful examples to learn from.... Read more
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StefanijaJul 02, 2020

Advertising Design vs Graphic Design: What Is the Difference?

Advertising design is one category of graphic design, focusing on visually attractive and effective ads. But graphic design is a much more complex job. In this article, we will talk about the distinguishable differences (and similarities) between the two.... Read more
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StefanijaJun 29, 2020

20 Sparkly Clean Car Wash Logos

If you own a car wash business, you probably need more than a free logo template to stand out from the competition. Find inspiration in these examples, from modern and simple to retro and timeless. When you think of a car wash service, chances are you rarely see good branding or creative logos. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Cheap online logo makers might do the trick, but good branding and unique visual identity can go a long way in every industry. We compiled 24 cool design solutions for a car wash logo in five categories. Check them out. Retro badge logos There is something timeless in old-school badge logos. Here are some of them that merged the retro vibe with a contemporary design. 1.Alaska Car Wash A simple retro badge with clean and classy colors. The combination of a script and subtly serif font gives this design some moderate temperament and dynamic, which makes it professional, but still standing out. 2.Alaska Car Wash (version 2) The same artist posted another concept for the same business, and it’s an even simpler and more modern one. It’s a simple circle badge in white, but the font combination is a bit different. While the designer went with the same script font for the business name, the secondary font is a sans serif one. 3.Johnny’s Mobile Detail This concept with three different logo variations is retro and simple. Assuming it’s an American-owned business, the colors of the US flag make the base color palette of this design. Apart from the circle badge and a rectangle variation, the artist provided a cool monogram too. 4.Car Wash by Garage Detailing Another cool design, this time depicting a fast car in motion, with the foam still on. The font is sans serif, blocky and bold, and the combination of contrasting colors surely makes this a noticeable logo. Logos with icons Some car wash logo designs stray away from the vintage and retro style and instead go for a modern and simplistic icon combined with the wordmark. 5.B-Wash This cool custom logo consists of an icon and lowercase wordmark written in the Aristotelica font. The icon is made from a combination of a car wheel and the back part of a chassis frame, and a drop of water. And of course, some extra wash bubbles from the soap. The complete branding project also includes custom made car wash icons. 6.Between Detailing This car wash service prides itself on its eco-friendly approach of cleaning with no water. Their core motivation is the convenience of the customer and the safety of the environment. They used their brand story in the logo design too. As the designer explains, the inspiration behind it is the detail-oriented work ethic and eco-friendly brand model. 7.Cleanerz This car wash company went a step further in its mission to look authentic and contemporary, and it’s suitable because it’s a mobile app and service that provides innovative car cleaning on-the-spot with the use of eco-friendly technologies. The letter C makes a wheel, and the icon is designed in a way to think of a car in motion. The color combo is a popular one for apps and SaaS businesses: white and purple. 8.Mobi Wash This car wash logo is simple, which is exactly what makes it memorable. The logotype is in custom lettering, and the icon represents water waves and motion. 9.Delicate Touch Delicate Touch is a car wash service that doesn’t use machinery and cleans only by hand. So their logo is a hand, designed out of water drops, additionally decorated with bubbles and sparkles that assure you it’s good service. Logos with a car silhouette Logos depicting a car silhouette or a cleaning car in a shop are also a popular choice for car service businesses. Whether it’s a minimalist outline or a hyper-detailed illustration, these logos can be a cool solution. 10.Stepa The Stepa car wash service took simplicity and minimalism to another level with this logo. A simple light blue contour of a car silhouette, framing the business name written in a simple serif font, and a single water drop, form this tasteful and simplistic logo. Look how good it looks engraved on a business card! 11.Pro Shine While some business owners cater to any car and customer and embrace simplicity, others want the audience to know that luxury is to be expected. Pro Shine’s logo is exactly that: a sleek, elegant, and expensive sports car, with professional and elegant-looking logotype in a serious and classy sans serif font. 12.Car Wash The inspiration behind this concept is quite literal: the artist combined a car with water and foam, representing the “wash” part of the business. The font is pretty simple, but combined with the noticeable silhouette formed with water and wash bubbles it is complicated and distinguishable enough. 13.Car Wash App Logo This concept for an app logo is very cute and simple: the designer created an icon of a car, only outlining the silhouette with the help of simple design elements: bubbles. Emblems To make sure there’s no confusion, what we consider to be an emblem logo is a combination of the wordmark (or business name) and an icon, illustration, or pictogram. Here are some examples. 14.Auto Wash If you want a professional look that’s still distinguishable this logo might be a great source of inspiration. The monogram combines the letters A and W, and the negative space of the A is a water drop, reminding you of the nature of the business. The dark blue and black color palette is always a good choice to relay the message that you are a reliable company. 15.Shinewash This business went for a shiny, gradient, and texture look. The windshield of the car with a reflection in it speaks for the quality of the service, and the additional elements (water drop, sparkle) tie the composition up nicely. 16.Bosqu Car Wash This logo of a sports car with a bold font is reminiscent of a video game illustration. It definitely hits the spot for classic video game lovers and hyper-realist graphic art fans. 17.Wash City Simple, fun, and cute: the name of this business is Wash City, so they decided to go for a skyline and bubbles instead of industrial smoke. Mascot logos Finally, we have mascot logos. Although atypical of a car wash service, mascots can sometimes make an interesting image that is easily recognizable. And it gives your business a friendly face. 18.Unnamed concept This unused and unnamed concept by designer Pat Thomas is as retro as it gets. The old-timey Disney animation style technique and subtle use of color make this a unique car wash logo. 19.Wize Wash This badge-style logo has an owl mascot. Why an owl, you might ask? Because it has been the symbol of wisdom since ancient times, and the name of the business is Wize Wash. 20.Glass Frog This last example is another illustration of a mascot based on the name, combined with a cursive font. I personally don’t love the explicitly underlined pun in this business logo, but it is a cool idea as a whole. ... Read more
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DanicaJun 29, 2020

Best T-shirt Design Websites for Apparel Designers in 2020

Now is a good time as any to finally make that custom t-shirt biz a reality. We’re reviewing 8 of the most popular websites to help you choose the best print-on-demand (POD) platform for your t-shirt design business. ... Read more
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StefanijaJun 29, 2020

25 Bakery Logo Ideas Full of Taste

If you are a bakery owner and need to create a brand identity as delightful as your pastries, we’re here to help. Check out this selection of 25 logos of bakeries all over the world to find inspiration to cook up your own. Bakeries are often family-owned, small, and charming businesses** that bring joy to their customers. Whether it’s a croissant with your coffee in the morning, a good bagel, or a lavish wedding cake, bakers bring a smile to our face and make our lives better, one pastry at a time. The delicacy and craftiness of this joyful business have to be shown through the identity of bakeries too, firstly through their logos. Here are some great examples of lovely and well-designed bakery logos, compiled in categories characterized by the most prominent element connected to the industry. Wheat themed logos Gluten-free supporters might hate me for this, but a good pastry needs flour. And flour comes from wheat. The beautiful and elegant golden wheat strands are the most elementary symbol of baking, often showing up on both packaging of pastry products and logos. 1.Mousiou Bakeries Like a good pastry, there are many layers in this bakery logo design. There is a single strand of wheat in the middle, and a drop of water, the second most important ingredient in baking. You can also see the letter M, for the surname of the bakers and owners, Mousiou. The concentric circles form a loaf of bread, and the year 1969 is added to let the customers know that it is an old, established family-owned bakery. 2.Mara Carnielli From a design perspective, this logo design is quite simple. But from a marketing point of view, it’s a simple and effective solution that includes the core value proposition: Mara Carnielli produces artisanal pastries. This monochromatic emblem logo uses an elegant typeface, a subtle wheat strand, and explains the product in a very simplistic manner. And the bakery adds a small business card to the wrapping, which is a genius move. 3.Louise Boulangerie et Pâtisserie This french pastry and sweets shop uses a playful and feminine script font in which the name of the baker and eponymous shop is written, and a tasteful combination of gold and black. A single strand of wheat gives some structure and backstory, and the circle shape of the logo makes it very suitable for packaging. 4.No. 10 Bakery No. 10, a relatively new bakery in Turkey, has a more modern and minimalistic approach. The wheat strand and brand name are incorporated into a two-dimensional, Art Deco style frame, with a muted gold color. The whole brand identity and packaging of the bakery, that produces organic and gourmet delicacies like croissants and sourdough bread, is quite simple and elegant. 5.Boulangerie de Paris This traditional French boulangerie (or bake shop), has a far more different color palette than other pastry shops, using a coral pink and navy blue theme. The logo is created by combining the letter B and a wheat strand, and inscription of the business name below. Related to a local cuisine Quite often, for a bakery, it’s really important to show the culinary influences it represents or the gourmet culture it caters to. If you’re a French bakery, you’d like your logo to reflect that, right? Here are some cool bakery logos that incorporate a symbol of the country and traditional cuisine you’ll find in the shop. 6.Pastéis de Belém If you’ve ever been to Lisbon, you must have heard about the Belem Pastry Shop. It’s near impossible to get a pastel de nata from this legendary (and historical) bakery, and tourists stand in line for hours for this traditional Portuguese delicacy. Dating from 1837, it’s fitting for this custard tart bakery to use a retro serif font and an emblem of the Belem Tower where it all began. The logo is in the signature blue and white colors often used in Portuguese ornaments and tiles, and the rope pattern reminds us of the maritime history of this European nation. 7.Dutch Bakery This concept for a bakery business with a traditional Dutch flair consists of a traditional mill from the Netherlands, with the sails replaced by wheat strands. The warm and muted color palette and simple typography make it a cute bakery business logo with a local touch. 8.Croissant Café & Bakery And now, a very cute and creative bakeshop logo. This business used its location and main product as design inspiration, merging into one. It’s a shop selling delicious croissants by a lake, so they used the crescent shape of the croissant to symbolize a boat. It’s a modern logo with a backstory, and the final product is cute and effective. 9.France Bakery Another unused concept for a company logo, strongly reminiscent of the home of fine pastries. This Eiffel tower and bread logo successfully uses the negative space in the arguably most famous symbol of the French capital, to show off the basic product of a bakery. 10.Amai Bakery This cute line drawing of a whisk and a bowl designed with the famous wood print “The Wave of Kanagawa” is a subtle nod to Japan, but makes for a very cute and contemporary logo design. It is especially tasteful with the muted pink color and elegant sans serif font. Logos with whisks and rolling pins A business logo often includes the tool the craftsman uses. In the case of pastry shops, what is more representative than a rolling pin and whisk? Here are some good examples of graphic design incorporating relevant tools into the baking logo. 11.Merit Art Bake A triumphantly elevated whisk in the baker’s hand, and a lovely color palette, make this a cute and sophisticated emblem logo. The graphic designer provided additional icons for use in web design and social media marketing, making this a complete and well thought out branding idea. 12.São Matheus Doces e Experiências This emblem logo depicts the “weapon of choice” of both the baker and the person who’ll enjoy their products. By a crossed whisk and spoon, framed inside a circle with what strands, it successfully manages to provide a backstory for the business. 13.Sweeth Guloseimas Another tool for making delicious pastries is a piping bag, and this business created a high-quality logo by placing this common object into the whole composition. Combined with a charming color combination and a simple script font, it is a promising image for customers with a sweet tooth (as the wordgame in the name suggests). 14.The Baker Chef This bakery obviously knows its worth, because the look of the logo is almost royal. The designer created a banner by combining a toque, a rolling pin, a strand of wheat and bread. It is a different approach, and that is exactly what makes it unique. 15.Amare Another classy and simple logo design that uses a whisk as the core element. There are two versions of this design: the official and the simplified one. The font has a light and unpretentious feel, and the strong yellow color is often used in color psychology to appetize and welcome us to food. Logos inspired by the business name These pastry shops decided to create an illustration or an icon depicting the name of the brand, creating an intricate visual that presents their business well. 16.Bagel O Bagel This brilliant logo for a bagel and coffee shop is a brilliant play on the name. The coffee cup in the middle also creates a bagel out of the outside space, and the whole composition is O-shaped. 17.Cabinet The Cabinet Bakery used the look of their interior as the logo. Depicting a cozy atmosphere with a small library, pasties, and a cup of coffee put into a message bubble, it promises a pleasant experience and a nice chat with a friend, that you would expect from a bakery. 18.Yum Yum In this cool design, the business name serves as the frosting on a very appetizing cupcake. Cute, fun, and full of taste: isn’t that what cupcakes are too? 19.Bazar This might be the simplest and fanciest example on this list, that hits the spot perfectly for lovers of minimalism. It has a classy sans serif inscription of the name of the cafe and a flipped B that looks like two pasties next to each other. 20.Chez Nana This cute logo with an even cuter backstory is the perfect recipe! It combines a cake, a house (in the missing piece you can see a roof), and a heart, symbolizing love. It shares the message that we often associate cakes with important days and occasions in our life. Wedding cake, birthday cake… It means home and happiness. Mascot logos If your logo is focused on a certain character, that character can be the mascot of your pastry shop. And it’s a smart move because customers will have a face and a personality in mind when they think of your business. Here are some good examples of this tactic. 21.Dona Vilma Who should we trust more about making tasty pastries than the baker themselves? Dona Vilma, the baker in charge of making artisan bread and sandwiches, is also the mascot of this business. It is a simple depiction in a monochrome, cute logo, and a friendly serif font that completes the whole composition well. 22.Mi Tlali Dessertery Another cute concept that honestly deserves a bakery to represent. The combination of a sans serif and an elegant script font, four different colors that form a welcoming and warm palette, and the cute character make this a great logo for a pastry and dessert shop. 23.Pavlin Bakery This elegant linework of a peacock makes for a stylish and fancy logo. You wouldn’t expect a peacock to represent a bakery, but since it’s a creature we associate with finesse, beauty, and the ability to show off, it can be a good choice of a mascot, since we often want desserts to be the same. 24.Dedis Puri This cute linework logo for a bakery in Riga depicts a woman in traditional Latvian garment that holds a loaf of bread. In the frame, you can see subtle strands of wheat, and a pattern that resembles art in Baltic folklore. 25.Goose Bakery Goose Bakery opted for an almost comical and cool logo. Using the name as an inspiration, the mascot is a goose in whose negative space you see a loaf of bread. The Os in the wordmark also have stripes to form little loaves of bread. ... Read more
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StefanijaJun 26, 2020

8 Ways to Find Creative Inspiration

As an artist, you’ve probably had a period of creative block or lack of inspiration. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your creative juices flowing... Read more
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StefanijaJun 24, 2020

30 Free Fonts for Building the Perfect Construction Company

Before you create a visual identity, you need a font that will be the foundation around which you build the rest. Here are some popular fonts for logos that will suit your industry and business completely. All the examples in this font collection are free to use, or classified as “donationware” (pay the amount you wish the creator to have). We’ve separated them into five categories: -Retro -Classy -Industrial -Deco and -Heavy Retro Retro fonts are sometimes too decorative or out of place. But for an industry that has existed ever since we left our nomadic lives behind, some timeless vintage vibes fit quite nicely in its identity. 1.Knucklehead (free) This vintage font family containing 10 fonts comes in two different styles. It is inspired by western American culture, with a retro flair. Be warned, however, there are only uppercase letters in this. knucklehead.jpg 2.Wrestlemania (free for personal use) Don’t let the name of this font scare you from using it, cause it’s not that wacky. The two horizontal lines and long ligatures of the letters give it a unique quality, but it’s still bold and heavy enough to send the right message. If you wish to utilize it for commercial use, the creator only asks for a $10 donation. wrestlemania.jpg 3.Evil Empire (free) Heavy, defined, with sharp edges: exactly like a well-made and enduring building. This type of typography works great for a construction company because you’re not expected to be too creative with the logo. That’s where decorative and distinguishable fonts can step in and help you out to make a good wordmark. evil empire.jpg 4.Derivia (free) Yes, this might not look like the best choice for a construction font. It is very light, if not feminine, but it can look great with metal engraving, on an emblem logo, or on the door of your offices. derivia.jpg 5.Vivant (free) This is an elegant and tasteful font that will give some essence and style to your logo. It has four different stylistic sets and additional ligatures, each more beautiful than the other. It’s inspired by classic 20th-century fashion, focusing on correct and simple shapes as the base. vivant.jpg 6.Bripokus (free) This bold and condensed stencil typeface is a good choice if you want to introduce some authenticity and vintage Western style to your logo. It can be part of a great emblem logo, especially with some shadows to make it more three-dimensional and give it an engravement effect. bripokus.jpg Classy If you are a high-end, modern construction company that wants its customers to expect refinement and class, here are some fonts that will help you achieve that first impression. 7.Audrey (free) This luscious font, bearing the name for the iconic Audrey Hepburn, has a striking contrast between the straight lines and curvy geometry. It is designed in three different weights, together with numbers, glyphs, and accented characters. audrey.jpg 8.Montserrat (free) Montserrat’s backstory is deeply rooted in construction and architecture. It was inspired by the Buenos Aires neighborhood of the same name, its buildings and posters that adorned the city in the 20th century. It was created as a way to save the beauty of urban typography from the area. montserrat.jpg 9.Lemon Milk (donationware) Another uppercase font with sharp angles and clean design, coming from the sans serif family. It is a very simple and geometric typeface, but definitely an effective one. lemon milk.jpg 10.Cornelia (free for personal use) Cornelia is a font duo combined with a serif and script font. However, the serif is more suitable as a construction font. It has elegance and a contemporary style that will breathe some style into your logo. cornelia.jpg 11.Butler (free) Another beautiful serif font that came to be after the creator was inspired to combine the Dala Floda and Bodoni font family. The goal was to bring modernism to a serif font, which made it simpler, more contemporary, and classier for these times. butler.jpg 12.Optimus Princeps (free) Optimus Princeps has wider circular letters that make it an elegant and distinguishable font. It is characteristic because of the customizable height of the letters, i.e. the first letter of a word is bigger than the rest, although all the letters are uppercase. It possesses subtle serifs and thin ligatures, as well as two weights you can use it in. optimus princeps.jpg Industrial Giving a tough, geometric, and noticeable touch to your construction logo can be very effective. You want your logo to make you seem reliable, professional, and serious, so an industrial logo can bring the right effect to the table. 13.Obrazec (free) Obrazec is a sans serif font, heavily influenced by the industrial style. The minimal use of strokes and lack of decor makes it a very no-nonsense font, and the heavy and sharp design makes you think of concrete and steel. obrazec.jpg 14.Maveryk (free) This chunky and strong font in the industrial style has some subtle serifs and uneven edges that make it seem like it’s hand-drawn. Go for it if you want to achieve both a vintage and industrial style for your logo. maveryk.jpg 15.Redwing (free) Redwing is an industrial font inspired by the letters on retro athletic jerseys. The edges are hand-cut in 40 degrees, while it has an authoritative, yet approachable style, a tall x-height, and bold forms. Its namesake is the city of Redwing, Minnesota, born as a shipping and trading port town that grew into an industrial town. redwing.jpg 16.Cornerstone (free) This industrial-inspired modular font has a more minimalistic look than the rest of the fonts in this sublist because it’s more subtle and less heavy. It makes for a great wordmark or a base that can be combined with an icon. cornerstone.jpg 17.D-Din (free) DIN is a sans-serif typeface that was defined by the German Institute for Standardization in the standard sheet typefaces in 1931. It was created for the use in traffic, administrative and technical applications. It quickly became a popular and widely used industrial font due to its legibility and simple and uncomplicated design. d-din.jpg 18.Fabrik (free) Fabrik is a simple grotesque font, medium-bold and with some strong letters, such as the S and O. It has a vintage, sans serif design, and it is heavily condensed. It might not be the most unique typeface, but it’s a more versatile one that will surely look legible and simple on your business cards. fabrik.jpg 19.Mixolydian Titling (free) While DIN fonts are the product of Germany, Mixolydian is a technical sans-serif typeface with a distinctly American style. It takes a lot of inspiration from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration Standard alphabet, also known as Highway Gothic. Every letter has a width and rhythm that creates a utilitarian and scientific feel. mixolydian titling.jpg Deco Art Deco and architectural fonts are often high-quality and modish solutions for any logo. But since the whole art movement has its roots from buildings and decorative elements in architecture, it is all the more suitable for a construction logo. 20.Metropolis 1920 (free) The font name says it all: this era-inspired Art Deco typeface bears a resemblance to the geometric patterns and golden rods from the iconic deco frames. It is created through a double line technique, but it’s still legible and sharp enough. metropolis.jpg 21.Parking (donationware) Parking is a condensed all uppercase font that has characteristics from both the Art Deco style, as well as the industrial. As the creator says, “it has a distinct historic aura but with both feet in this digital day and age”. parking.jpg 22.Poiret (free) This decorative and geometric font has a hint of grotesque and Art Deco, which makes it a unique typeface with a stylish and light character. It’s constructivism-inspired forms and sleek style will add some extra class to your font. poiret.jpg 23.Maeve (free) Maeve is a typeface inspired by the later stages of the Art Deco movement, the 1950s, and it possesses more alternative styles and ligatures. You can also use it in both uppercase and lowercase, with multi-language glyphs. maeve.jpg 24.Market Deco (free for personal use) Market Deco is probably the least decorative and simple font that finds its inspiration in the Art Deco movement. The shapes are sharper and more defined, there are no ligatures, and the font is weightier. It’s a good meeting point of a deco influence and a regular, non-decorative sans serif font. market deco.jpg 25.Breamcather (free) There aren’t many stories for how a font came to be as unique as this one. The narrow Art Deco font was inspired by the piano sheet music for “With Every Breath I Take” from a musical comedy film called “Here is my Heart”. It has a playful essence and dynamic look that will offer elegance to your font. bramcatcher.jpg 26.Architectural (free) The final Art Deco-inspired typography is Architectural, a unique font with a strict and unique construction of each letter. It’s a sleek and sophisticated font, with a characteristic look because of the unusual height and condensed width of the letters. architectural.jpg Heavy Finally, we have a selection of extra-bold and heavy font styles, that will be an effective addition to your logo when used correctly. 27.The Bold Font (free) Quite self-explanatory, this one. It’s a bold and heavy, sans serif font, with defined shapes and a noticeable presence, that will spruce up every design. the bold font.jpg 28.Timeline (free) Timeline pushes the limits of the definition of sans serif. It has no presence of extra strokes and a very sharp and heavy form of each letter. It almost looks like it’s been constructed with building beams. timeline.jpg 29.Neothic (free) Neolithic is a heavy font, but still a classy and serif one. It has some fine touches, like the ligature in the letter Q, and the extra strokes at the ends of each letter. neothic.jpg 30.Dozer (free) Dozer is a really heavy, building-clock inspired font. It’s small x-height and wide letters make it a very suitable construction font, that gives a hefty feel to any logo. dozer.jpg ... Read more
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DanicaJun 19, 2020

18 Amazing Retro Logo Examples to Make You Nostalgic

Retro logo design is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. If you have a customer base that’s keen to reflect on “simpler times” or hipster millennials in love with all things vintage, then one of these logo ideas can help you create a stunning brand identity.... Read more
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DanicaJun 19, 2020

15 Great Packaging Designers for Hire (+4 Tips for Good Package Design)

The perfect packaging designer understands your brand and has the design skills and style to match your product. Today, we're presenting 15 great freelance packaging designers and helping you grasp what effective package design is all about.... Read more
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