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DanicaOct 15, 2020

8 Retro Design Styles With Modern Design Ideas

If you love all things vintage, check out our list of popular retro styles with ideas on how to incorporate them in your graphic design projects. ... Read more
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AnnaOct 13, 2020

8 Hair Salon Menu Designs to Inspire Your Own

The services a hair salon offers account for about 92% of the income. A good-looking price menu will be crucial for the success of your business. Take a look at these 8 hair salon menu designs to jumpstart the creation of yours.... Read more
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DanicaOct 13, 2020

Wix vs Shopify: How to Choose the Right Website Builder

We’re breaking down the main pros and cons of these popular website builders to help you choose the best option for your small business or online store.... Read more
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StefanijaOct 08, 2020

Spooky Fonts to Use for Halloween

It’s spooky season, and your ads and social media posts can probably use some funky lettering to acknowledge it. Check out these Halloween fonts that will delight your audience. October is here and with it the holiday spirit. Sure, you might not be able to throw a Halloween party, but you and your business can create cool ads and social media posts with scary fonts and typography that will help spread some holiday cheer… or chills. Check out these fonts that will ensure a fun Halloween. Creepy and horror fonts What’s a spooky Halloween with no horror references? These fonts look like they are taken straight out of a classic slasher poster, or an arthouse indie horror film. 1. October Crow (free for commercial use) If Halloween aesthetic to you means the 80s and 90s horror movies, gothic lore and spider webs, this creepy font in all uppercase might do the trick. Inspired by 1994’s “The Crow”, the designer turned it into a desktop font that can be perfect to use for greeting cards, Halloween party invitations, and any sort of commercial need. october crow.jpg 2. Halloween Too (free for personal use) The dripping blood text effect on this typeface makes for a perfect horror font. This handwritten font also comes in uppercase and lowercase, so you can experiment with it more. halloween too.jpg 3. Goat (free for commercial use) This decorative gothic font is high-quality, sophisticated, yet somewhat spooky. The beautifully arched capital letters that are based on Gothic architecture are unlike any others on this list, making Goat one of the most high-quality free Halloween fonts. goat.jpg 4. Earwig Factory (free for commercial use) If you’re planning on a themed Halloween party, or base your designs on a serial killer murder mystery flick, Earwig Factory checks all the marks. It is a jumbled alphabet mounted on background cards, resembling ransom letters in mystery thrillers. earwig factory.jpg 5. Nightmare 5 (free for personal use) As the name suggests, this font will be perfect for your Halloween projects. It has a retro poster design-like aesthetic, with condensed lettering and a slight texture. If you need it for your marketing efforts, however, you’ll have to buy a commercial license. nightmare 5.jpg Whimsical fonts that will spruce up your Halloween designs Not everything needs to be creepy to be eligible for your Halloween design projects. If you need to appeal to a more family targeted audience or nostalgics that would rather watch Tim Burton films instead of horrors, here are some quirky and magical fonts to use. 6. Alice in Wonderland (free for personal use) Although not the official one, this font was inspired by Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” film. It might not exactly be a spooky font, but if you’ve read Alice in Wonderland, you’re well aware there’s enough jump scares and whimsical magic in it. This is a cute serif font that will fit great for your Halloween needs. alice in wonderland.jpg 7. Burton’s Nightmare (free for commercial use) Yet another Burton-inspired font, this time from “Nightmare Before Christmas”. This playful calligraphy font is elegant, yet decorative. It comes in both uppercase and lowercase, so you can play with it in many different variations. It will definitely lend a movie poster quality to your designs. burtons nightmare.jpg 8. Billy Witch (purchase only) This spellbinding swirly serif font is perfect for Halloween, since that is exactly what the designers had in mind when creating it. It has two variations: regular and italic, and comes with a few formats (OTF, TTF and WOFF) and additional glyphs. It has decorative swirly serifs but is also jagged, sharp and pointy. This gives it an old and traditional feel yet is distressed in a modern, angular way adding a contemporary twist. billy witch.jpg 9. Nightmare Pumpkins (purchase only) This bulky and wavy font is inspired by the spooky season, and perfect to apply on clothing design, logos, posters, prints, etc. it has multi-language support, so those of you who are looking for a fun and decorative Halloween font in another alphabet, grab this one. nightmare pumpkins.jpg 10. HalloWitchZ (free for personal use) This unique display font can fit even beyond the seasonal designs, but also on magic and fiction books and art. The varying sizes and bulkiness of each letter make it playful and unpredictable, lending a fun and quirky quality to any design. HalloWitchZ.jpg Distorted fonts If you want an unusual and more minimalist font family than the ones we already mentioned, you can decide to go with a distorted or glitchy font. Here are some you could use. 11. Bad Signal (free for personal use) This cool glitchy font is perfect to use on a t-shirt, poster, or motion graphics. It is simple and sans-serif, so apart from the distorted effect, it is a classic and versatile typeface that you can use in different designs. bad signal.jpg 12. Marola (free for commercial use) If you want a sort of a three-dimensional effect in your designs, Marola is a font that will create an illusion of waviness. It might not necessarily be a typical Halloween font, but it is sort of spooky. And as far as free fonts go, this one is pretty unique and unusual. marola.jpg 13. Glitch City (free for personal use) If your idea of a thematic spooky Halloween somehow merges with a cyberpunk/sci-fi aesthetic, Glitch City is a font straight out of this niche genre. It would also look amazing in motion. glitch city.jpg Textured and retro fonts Bloody, muddy, rusty and creepy… Some texture effects can add extra spookiness, and these fonts have it! 14. Face Your Fears (free for personal use) Take the “creepy” button and turn it up a notch with this textured font, that looks like writing in blood. It is perfect for your scary design projects, but definitely not suitable for any age demographic. face your fears.jpg 15. Furgatorio (free for commercial use) This 3D textured font reminds me of ancient ruin scriptures and old puzzle games. Perfect for a thematic design. Even the different styles of the font family are named after classic horror films (Annabelle, Chucky, Nosferatu, Frankenstein…). 16. Dreadful (purchase only) Finally, we have Dreadful, a layered typeface inspired by classic horror movies and vintage comics. It is best used for headings, apparel design, invitations, flyers, posters, greeting cards, etc. witchcraft.jpg We hope this selection of spooky fonts helped you think of a cool Halloween design. If not, let our designers at ManyPixels take care of all your needs. Learn more about our risk-free unlimited graphic design service. ... Read more
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DanicaOct 07, 2020

Law Firm Branding Tips With Examples to Learn From

Creating a strong brand for your legal practice is not dissimilar to branding for any other small business. However, there are some industry specifics that you should be aware of. Use this article as a checklist to help create your brand strategy. ... Read more
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AnnaOct 02, 2020

9 Great Restaurant Website Designs to Stir up Your Appetite

Are you a restaurant owner looking to create a website for your new joint? Or an established family eatery creating a new website to keep up with the times? We’ve prepared 9 great restaurant website examples to get you started.... Read more
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DanicaOct 02, 2020

21 Law Firm Logos You Can’t Object To

Creating the best law firm logo is no small feat: you want something that’s equal parts professional and makes for great branding. To help you brainstorm, here are some great legal services logo ideas.... Read more
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StefanijaOct 01, 2020

Cool Patterns You Can Use In Your Designs

If your graphics need cool background design, check out these patterns that will make your art and ads quirky and fun. Whether you go for royalty-free patterns or designs you purchase, this selection has everything you need. Pattern design is sometimes overlooked in the era of minimalism and simplicity. Still, cool patterns can add depth and playfulness to your creations, and make a stylish design out of a simple doodle. Here are some free download patterns as well as curated patterns for sale, from abstract to retro ones. Art Deco and Geometric Patterns Ever since the early 20th century, Art Deco has been recognized as a classy, yet industrial style of painting, design and architecture. In terms of patterns, it is also one of the waves that relies heavily on them and geometric correctness. From pattern backgrounds in Parisian clubs to goldenrods in paintings, hexagon and cube patterns are very popular in this style. 1. Seamless geometric patterns (free) Based on classic Art Deco traditions and ten different geometric shapes, these elegant seamless patterns are editable and easy to use. All of them have a vintage quality and will go great on wallpaper designs, packaging, branding and all sorts of marketing projects. art deco 1.jpg 2. Art Deco patterns and frames (purchase only) If you want more than just a retro pattern inspired by the 1920s, but also to include those luscious goldenrods of the Art Deco style as frames, this designer was generous enough to offer both in this bundle. They come in multiple formats, and the whole packages includes 20 seamless patterns (.AI, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, and .PNG) and 20 decorative frames (.AI, .EPS, .PDF, .SVG, .JPG, and .PNG). art deco 3.jpg art deco 2.jpg 3. Art Nouveau-inspired (free) Art Nouveau, Art Deco’s older sibling with more gentleness, floral elements and natural curvatures, is the base for this pattern. Inspired by Jasmine Friedl, current Director of Design at Intercom, it's an accessory to an eponymous font. It’s quirky and unordinary in comparison to the other patterns in this category since it’s not a typical geometric pattern. jasmine freidl.jpg 4. Retro and geometric (free) These groovy, 80s-looking patterns look perfect for wallpaper design but can be utilized in all kinds of graphic design creations. There are eight different designs and colors, from abstract to chevron-looking ones. geometric.jpg Abstract patterns Abstract backgrounds can be very effective to attract attention and add some organic forms or creative elements to your designs. Here are some vector patterns you’ll love. 5. Handmade vector patterns (free) These cute doodle patterns resemble different styles and movements, from a Keith Haring-like background to one that can be easily mistaken for a Zentangle custom pattern. They look modern and piercing, and all eight of them will be a refreshing addition to cover designs, stickers, ads, or even packaging. abstract 1.jpg abstract 2.jpg abstract 3.jpg Memphis Space Seamless Patterns (free) Get ready to be catapulted to the 80s, because these seamless backgrounds came straight from your childhood carpets and wallpapers. Featuring the spirit and playfulness of the Memphis style, these colorful seamless vector patterns will be enough for even the pickiest retro lovers. You can find them in both 3D and flat design style, and many, many colors. memphis.jpg 7. Dotted circle patterns (free) If you want patterns with a more simplistic vibe and need a white pattern with elements, this package of 16 different patterns on transparent backgrounds will make it easy for you to implement them in your design. All patterns are available in PSD, JPG and PNG format, and they are applicable for greeting cards, packaging, stationery and other things. dotted circles.jpg Nature inspired and floral seamless patterns Who is a better designer of patterns, than nature herself? The natural world can sometimes provide the best background, and humans recognized this in design as well. From Boho style cute patterns to Victorian floral wallpapers, we’ve been seeing floral and nature-inspired designs for a long time. 8. Colorful and cute floral pattern (free) If you don’t feel like this flower pattern is cute and elegant enough on itself, the designer made it for his mom. This should make you feel touched, right? It is flowy, colorful and perfect if you need a touch of feminine and romantic. 4b634582055107.5d1220594f2b1.jpg 9. Orange Fruit Watercolor Collection (free) This lovely watercolor pattern design collection consisting of nine cliparts and two patterns will make an amazing creation of anything you apply it to. It is suitable for product packaging, decoration, tote bags, stationery, and other projects. Pattern.jpg 10. Maritime elegance (free) Cute fish, mermaids and seaweeds in gorgeous sea blue and white patterns. It might not be the most widely applicable design, but it’s elegant, simple and perfect if you are a fan of Azulejo tile designs or Greek island architecture. It would be great to implement in menu design for a fish or seafood restaurant, or tote bag and t-shirt designs as well. 11. Watercolor flower collection (free) Finally, in our list we have this floral wallpaper pattern of handpainted flowers, wreaths and leaves. This seamless background collection is sure to look great on anything, from wedding invitations to t-shirt designs and even an actual white wall. flowers.jpg... Read more
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AnnaSep 29, 2020

18 YouTube Banner Ideas to Complete Your Channel

Are you looking to create a banner for your YouTube channel but don’t know where to start? We’ve selected examples for you to learn from professionals in the creative space to create a banner that will best represent you.... Read more
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StefanijaSep 29, 2020

How To Amaze Visitors With Your Restaurant Design

For a new restaurant to lure in customers, interior design, good branding, and cozy ambiance play as important a role as good food does. Here are some restaurant interior design ideas and tips to learn from. A good dining experience tingles all your senses, not just the taste. And you don’t need only exquisite restaurant management, but also a restaurant concept that will take a simple need to another level. Some design projects aced the aesthetic, vibe and space planning, managing to turn themselves into dining establishments to be reckoned with. New restaurant owners and veterans in the business know how hard it is to work on a budget, especially if you can’t afford an interior designer and a respectable design studio. Still, some restaurant design trends and simple branding tips can help you create a unique name and brand. Urban aesthetic for small and vibrant restaurants A restaurant space doesn’t always have to be big to attract a lot of customers. In fact, most popular hotspots lately are small restaurants with well-planned seating areas, homely atmosphere and urban and youthful aesthetics. Here are some bistros and restaurants that nailed their design, even though they might not be bigger than a private home’s dining area. 1. Coppelia NYC This little, but vibrant diner in New York City works 24/7, offering a Cuban experience in the heart of Manhattan since 2011. In 2018, the restaurant needed a rebranding that will reflect the quick tempo of the city and the spicy flavor that Latin culture represents. The designer wanted to keep the two most iconic elements of this fusion for a diner: geometric shapes that resemble neon signs, and for La Havana, the pastel color scheme honoring Cuba. They infuse this recognizable identity in all aspects of their branding: from business cards to social media marketing, as well as the exterior signage and interior design. coppelia 3.jpg coppelia 2.jpg coppelia 1.jpg coppelia 5.jpg Design by Marielisa Orellana 2. Yaourti The Greek-Canadian restaurateurs Kleio and Theodoros wanted to infuse their native culture and heritage into their Montreal restaurant’s design. And they succeeded in that, embedding elements of ancient Greek architecture in their logo, interior design, decorative elements and even accessories. The creative director behind the branding project, Charlene Sepentzis, says of the idea: “By reinterpreting some key aspects, such as the iconic ancient arches and certain Hellenic forms, we created a graphic language that is undeniably Greek in appearance but brimming with modernity”. yaourtu 1.jpg yaourti 2.jpg yaourti 4.jpg yaourtu 5.jpg 3. Rooby Fancy Kitchen This lovely ruby-colored, feminine restaurant design is consistent with the name and overall branding, from the neon signage in a suitable color to the pastel color scheme and floral bar design. The furniture and marble table tops are a nice mixture of Art Deco glam, with a pinch of industrial style, but completely washed in bright colors that give it a more humanist approach. Even though not too spacious, the overall look of this restaurant bar makes it seem cozy and relaxing. The terrace is bigger and surrounded by greenery, allowing a different experience for customers who would like to have privacy or a cup of coffee to wind down. rooby 1.jpg rooby 2.jpg rooby 3.jpg Design by Futuris Architects, Ani Avagyan & Sona Manukyan 4. Jerome Rarely does a restaurant design and branding influence outside of the actual restaurant as much as it’s the case with this pizzeria. Jerome is a Neapolitan-style pizza place also offering fast food delivery service, that nailed the target with the youthful and modern branding. Instead of using checkered tablecloths and stereotypically Italian symbols, they gave extra attention to packaging, pizza boxes, stickers and menu flyers, and infused their identity in each and every little detail. Taking in mind the effects that coronavirus imposed on the hospitality service business, many restaurants had to pivot and rethink their service. If you’re suddenly stuck with having to only do delivery, learn from Jerome. Even without a physical spot, your restaurant design can be effective. jerome 1.jpg jerome 2.jpg jerome 3.jpg Design by Sergio Laskin 5. 1910 Yet another case of good branding saving the day, is this Mexican cantina named after the year of the revolution that transformed Mexican culture and culminated in the Mexican constitution. Through infusing traditional Oaxacan pottery patterns and elements of the designs of legendary architect Luis Barragan, the designers managed to create a memorable and colorful palette and apply that inspiration throughout the entire graphic system. 1910 4.jpg 1910 1.jpg 1910 2.jpg Design by Human A luxurious look for a fine dining restaurant of your dreams Yes, we all appreciate the rise of small boutique restaurants and hip coffee shops, but once in a blue moon, everyone wants to enjoy a high-end dining experience. If your restaurant is a spacious and extravagant spot, the design should match. Here are some luxurious restaurants that will inspire you. 6. Charlie's This gorgeous restaurant in Egypt boasts elements of Art Deco, a lavish interior design, and an exquisitely elegant color scheme. With the use of mirrors, space appears to be bigger, while the mustard yellow elements and golden-colored metal frames of doors and furniture add a sense of luxury. charlies 2.jpg charlies 4.jpg charlies 5.jpg charlies 1.jpg Design by Alchemy Design Studio Photos by Nour El Refai 7. Farzi Café Natural wood palette combined with lavish greenery, and an open kitchen to give you a sneak peek into the masterful cooking, make this restaurant design a unique experience. Dubbed a “modern spice bistro”, its spaciousness and well-organized floor plan help the whole space seem cozy, even though there are a lot of elements that make the overall design. farzi 1.jpg farzi 3.jpg farzi 2.jpg Design by Lines KW Photos by Nour El Refai 8. Ámbar This branding and design concept by acclaimed studio Made Shop helped this wood grill steakhouse bearing the name “amber” in Spanish have a unique and memorable identity. The logo is conventional, yet experimental, and the branding and collateral materials are based on the interior design: dark and earthy, but with a playful side. The interior itself mostly revolves around the color of amber, and the signage is also “cast” inside resin. ambar 2.jpg ambar 3.jpg ambar 4.jpg ambar 1.jpg Design by The Made Shop 9. Tasty Lounge Bar This lounge bar offering a fusion between Italian food and traditional Macedonian cuisine boasts an elegant and modern interior, with touches of pastel and light colors. The branding is in line with the overall aesthetic, and the identity was “built to align with the elegant and classic style of the place and convey the message of high-end customer service”. tasty 1.jpg tasty 2.jpg tasty 4.jpg tasty 3.jpg Design by Alphamark . & Antonio Stojcheski Industrial modern for the hip crowd In the past few years, the foodservice industry saw a reanimation of the industrial modern style, where a blend of minimalism and fine Art Deco elements became popular again. Luckily, this interior design style is still very much in, and you can use it for your restaurant design as well. 10. Too Much Concrete and brick walls, a toned-down palette of colors, black metal elements and welded pipes are the main elements of this sharply designed restaurant and wine bar in Moscow. But, to complement the industrial look of the place, there is no traditional bar counter. The barman works at a table in the restaurant common space, as if he is working in the kitchen at home. too much.jpg too much 2.jpg too much 3.jpg Design by finoarte agency & Nikolay Yarin 11. Unnamed Industrial Restaurant This design project for an unnamed restaurant in Saudi Arabia is a nice balance between sharp industrial modern style and colors that attract attention. The black metal and chandeliers add some pizzazz and make it elegant, while the plants add a touch of nature. industrial 2.jpg Design by Ahmed Hefnawy 12. Greenwich Grind This lavish espresso bar is designed by the renowned interior architecture studio Biasol, and it comes as no surprise that it’s a perfectly balanced blend of many trends and styles. What is sharp and intruding in the geometric shapes, is complemented by the gorgeous colors and light and open space. greenwich grind 1.jpg greenwich grind 2.jpg greenwich grind 3.jpg Design by Biasol Restaurant concepts out of the ordinary Quirky concepts that turn a restaurant into something else are also very popular lately. It’s hard to compete with expensive places with big budgets or chain restaurants, but if you offer your guests something they haven’t yet seen, that can be the ace up your sleeve. 13. Blind Butcher Starting from the name, you know you shouldn’t expect your casual dining room experience. This beer and snack bar has a unique visual identity, borrowed from traditional butchers’ signage and typography. The designers developed a unique typeface for the logomark and embedded the classic butcher shop vibe and masculine touch in every detail. blind butcher 1.jpg blind butcher 2.jpg blind butcher 3.jpg Design by Tractorbeam ® The Tropical Restaurant Living in metropolitan areas and concrete jungles, sometimes people wish to relax surrounded by greenery and wind down in a place that brings nature closer. The Tropical Restaurant is exactly that small oasis one would need on a busy day, and the design is perfectly light and would make you feel in line with nature. the tropical 2.jpg the tropical 1.jpg Design by Nikhil Saini Hopefully, you found enough beautiful designs to inspire you for your next restaurant or rebranding project. You can find more restaurant inspiration, from restaurant logos to menu ideas and website designs on our blog.... Read more
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