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DanicaNov 20, 2020

5 Free Stationery Set Templates to Use for Your Business

Having a custom stationery set shows a degree of professionalism that every small business should be striving for. For a budget-friendly solution check out our amazing free designs.... Read more
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DanicaNov 20, 2020

18 Top-Notch Security Logos To Inspire Your Own

A professionally designed logo will assure your customers of a professional and high-quality security service. Here are some examples to inspire your own logo.... Read more
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DanicaNov 19, 2020

Best Dental Websites: Tips & Examples

If your dental practice needs a stunning new website that will attract clients, check out the following examples for ideas on how to make your website stand out.... Read more
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StefanijaNov 18, 2020

How to Attract Customers With Great Boutique Design

If you own a small clothing store or high-end fashion boutique, you can wow visitors with great boutique design. Here are some tips that will help you elevate your branding with good design. As a small business owner fashion designer that has their own showroom, you probably know the importance of good store layout, dashing window displays and good interior design of your boutique store. Assuming you can’t exactly afford a design studio to take care of your wishes and needs, there’s still a lot you can achieve with simple branding tricks that will improve your business. Small note beforehand: we will go through examples of clothing boutiques that have great design and branding, not industry news of hospitality projects of boutique hotels and interior designers. Packaging and branding assets Since boutiques offer a more high-end, personalized feel to their shoppers compared to big world-known retailers, having a luxurious and trendy branding and packaging will help achieve that feeling of exclusivity and “being different”. Bags, wrapping paper and labels are definitely small pieces of branding that will help your logo and brand name be visible. You can even go beyond that and create tote bags or recycled plastic bags, to give your customers a self-sustainable shopping experience. For example, Faby’s Boutique uses a simple cardboard box, but adding a label with the company’s logotype in a funky serif typeface and a silky linen strap helps personalize the packaging and make it look unique. Design by D Once Studio If you want a classic paper handbag for your boutique, you can create your own design or pattern and print out your own shopping bags. If you have the budget, why not go all the way and offer a linen backpack or tote bag for loyal customers? skylier.jpg Design by Izabella Harutyunyan Considering the fact that boutiques are places where one can find the best gift for a loved person, you can brand a lot more than just labels and shopping bags. The Augustine Boutique, for example, has its own gift vouchers, gift boxes and crepe paper in a minimalist pastel color design. The creative and contemporary boutique logo is infused in all the materials, and the color scheme is definitely memorable and impressive. augustine.jpg augustine 2.jpg augustine 3.jpg Design by Agência Capixe and Robson Santos Unique logo design As with any other industry, a company logo will be the face of your business. If you own a business that sells goods, that basic branding asset will be applied to many assets, such as the labels and shopping bags we already mentioned. This Italian shoes and purses boutique uses an elegant logotype and an alternate logo in the form of a monogram. The logo is versatile and contemporary, and as you can see from the mockups, looks beautiful on the minimalist shopping bags. verona logo.jpg verona shopping bags.jpg Design by Anastasia Popova-Demidova Since you will have to make a wide array of branding assets and different packaging, make sure the logo has more than one variation. You can have different brand marks and versions of a logotype, but the finalists you choose should have the same branding colors and style. The Cozelli boutique has a simple monochrome style combination mark, the same logo in a golden embossing, a vertical version of the brand mark and logotype, and a circle emblem. All four versions have the same sans serif typographic logo and brand mark of a lirio do campo, or lily of the field, signifying the femininity and mystery of female beauty. cozelli.jpg Design by ADDI9 DESIGN CRIATIVO You can check out our list of beautiful boutique logos for more logo inspiration. Interior design It might not be as important as nailing hospitality interiors perfectly, but the interior design of your brick and mortar retail store can greatly influence the customer’s experience and, in the end, bring you more profit. The layout of the shop, as well as the look of your window displays, can make it easier for your customers to make their way into the retail space and find what they are looking for. For example, you need to leave some space for them to get accustomed to the interior and the layout. Display your best items first to elevate the first impression, and add a natural direction in the boutique so that shoppers will feel encouraged to keep exploring. You also need to add important information, like prices, contents of the linen, etc., so that shoppers will find everything they need. Another very important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t cramp up space by putting up way too many items. Shoppers are easily overwhelmed when they can’t concentrate on what they’re seeing. But apart from good structure and planning, a good boutique interior means that your store looks trendy, enticing and innovative. People who enjoy buying clothes in brick and mortar stores enjoy the smell, look and feel of it. Make sure you have a desk where a shopper can ask for help or information, and a guestroom or small lounging space for people dragged into the shopping experience who are there to give the green light. mrm.jpg Kristina Bilynets shabelski.jpg Mono Architects App and website design If your boutique was forced to go online because of the covid-19 pandemic, or perhaps you’ve always been mainly online, your website or shopping app is where it all happens. You need a good, clean and easy-to-navigate design, where your branding assets are subtly infused. That means pictures of the products, as well as their price, contents, possible location for pickup or delivery time and price, as well as other crucial details. Make sure that the gallery is updated regularly so that shoppers don’t always see the “out of stock” banner when they are looking for an item. Of course, your front page should always contain banners for discounts, sales and other deals for customers. If it’s an app, you can even show popups or push notifications. A useful addition is a “Suggestions” or “You May Also Like” page, where you can suggest similar products to the shopper. ES.jpg Гифка гл from Аліса Шишкалова on Vimeo. Unique offer Finally, if your boutique does something differently or sets itself apart from the competition, make sure that is the main messaging you need to share with potential customers. Whether it’s a quirky native fashion boutique, an all-organic linen line, or a unique children’s clothing line, use that as your core value proposition. You are offering something special after all. tin marin.jpg Emblema Design Studio chlorys.jpg Petra Pilbák Hopefully, you found this quick rundown of branding tricks that will help your boutique’s design useful. Make sure you’ve got these elements covered: A unique logo that fits with the brand Branding colors and patterns you apply to branding materials (labels, packaging, shopping bags, gift vouchers, tote bags, etc.) Interior design that looks good and helps with the shopping experience A useful app or website for e-commerce stores A value proposition that will make obvious what sets you apart from others Good design and marketing aren’t only limited to these branding steps, but this will give you a rough idea of how design can elevate your brand. ... Read more
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DanicaNov 18, 2020

14 Stunning Boutique Logos To Inspire Your Brand

Whether you run a small brick and mortar business, or a trendy online boutique, your boutique logo design is essential to creating a strong boutique brand.... Read more
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StefanijaNov 17, 2020

10 Massage Business Card Templates That Can Be Yours for Free

Download one of these 10 gorgeous templates for a massage beauty salon business card. They are completely free and easy to edit in MS Word or Adobe Illustrator! If you work in a massage salon, business card design probably isn’t on your priority list. Still, business cards are essential when someone comes to your salon and wants to reschedule, or wants to use it as a referral to a third person. If you don’t have a budget for design services, you can customize one of the lovely 10 downloadable designs our designers at ManyPixels created, in the right dimensions for usage in the United States. You can easily download the business card designs and edit them in Microsoft Word—no design knowledge needed! Here’s how to do it: Download a Microsoft Word file. Edit the business card template with your own information. Export as PDF and send it to the printers! graphic 1.jpg Here’s what you can pick from. 1. Pink and lilac abstract pattern square business card If you want a modern graphic design on your business card, an abstract pattern is always trendy and non-imposing. It could fit well with other services in the beauty industry as well, like a cosmetologist, hair salon owner, etc. The minimalist solution only leaves space for a monogram on the backside, while the front contains the crucial contact information. The square shape of the card is unusual and quirky, but keep in mind that it doesn’t perfectly fit business card holders. BC1 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 2. Floral one-line illustration square business card If you would like a more feminine touch to your business card, we have a second option for a square business card: a one-line illustration of a flower. The white and pastel baby pink color scheme makes for a gentle and relaxing choice of colors, that definitely reminds of self-care and wellness. BC2 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 3. Pastel marbled pattern square business card The last square design we have on this list has again an abstract pattern, but a pink pastel color scheme instead of the darker lilac and black combination, suitable for a lighter and more feminine beauty business card. BC3 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 4. Watercolor massage therapist business card This watercolor design has a fresh and earthy palette, but it’s rationed well so it doesn’t make the overall design noisy and saturated. However, keep in mind that you probably need to include your logo in black, because not all colors will look good with this design. BC4 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 5. Minimal lotus illustration massage therapy business card The lotus flower is one of the most commonly used symbols in the beauty and relaxation business. Hence, this design makes a perfect wellness business card. The pink lotus flower combined with the rose gold embossing for the logo are elegant, but impressive enough for your customers to keep this lovely handout. BC5 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 6. Nature-inspired pattern design for a massage spa Nature is the source for all wellness, and some holistic massage and spa techniques often turn to it. This pattern design with leaves and fresh and natural color scheme will make a great choice for a massage therapist specializing in reflexology, or a natural skincare practitioner. BC6 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 7. Colorful pattern hip design This colorful abstract pattern has luscious moss green, aquamarine and mauve as the colors of choice, resembling linen business cards. The central area of the design is white and allows for a wider letterhead, but the edges are dynamic, playful and definitely will help you leave a lasting impression. BC7 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 8. Om symbol line illustration spa business card Another symbol often connected to a spa experience is the Om, which is a spiritual symbol in several Indian religions, signifying unity, consciousness and the essence of ultimate reality. In the massage and wellness business, it signifies that the customers will be in better touch with themselves and their body. BC8 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 9. Lotus flower line illustration Similar to the previous example, this design utilizes a one-line design of a lotus flower. It is a good alternative if you want to use this symbol instead of the Om. BC9 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE 10. Lotus flower floral pattern Finally, we have a gentle and delicate floral pattern design in blue, that will make a great base for your massage business card. It is a lovely look, reminiscent of retro wallpapers and can be used across industries and practices. BC10 Mockup.jpg MICROSOFT WORD FILE HERE // ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FILE HERE We hope you liked one (or more!) of our free customizable massage business card templates. If not, you can always turn to ManyPixels for design services. Our designers can do much more beyond business card design: from gift certificates, greeting cards, appointment cards, t-shirts, pricing menus, loyalty cards and stickers, all the way to social media posts and web design. You can also learn more about massage logos, brochure and flyer designs from our blog section. Check out how it works for FAQs and experience by our customers.... Read more
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DanicaNov 17, 2020

8 Stunning Examples of Beauty Packaging Design

Check out these outstanding product packaging ideas that will inspire you to create the perfect package designs for your beauty brand. ... Read more
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StefanijaNov 17, 2020

21 Steampunk Fonts For a Cool Vintage Design

Looking for a vintage typeface to beautify your steampunk designs? Check out these Victorian vintage, sci-fi and quirky, as well as simpler fonts that will get your creative gears going. Typography plays a big part in every design, and sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in one place trying to find the perfect font. Steampunk fonts are not exempt: there’s plenty of them, in different retro and science-fiction styles. So if you are looking for free fonts or ones that you have to buy for commercial use, this one’s for you. Firstly, if you don’t know what steampunk is, it’s a retrofuturistic subgenre of science fiction that relies heavily on the technology and aesthetic known from and inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. It sounds like something that wouldn’t be popular in this day and age, but it’s heavily used in video games, sci-fi films, and of course, graphic design. Without any further ado, let’s show you some steampunk fonts that will help your designs look like they’re from the past… or the future? Vintage Victorian typefaces The design of signage and typography in the Victorian era is the base of the steampunk style. It was a time of mechanical innovation and the discovery of new lands. Incidentally, it’s almost always the style in mind when someone says they like vintage design. Here are some vintage fonts that look like they’re straight from a time of steamboats, trains and great human achievements. 1. The Crow (purchase only) This retro grunge display font by Cruzine comes in eight different styles, all of them in a recognizable vintage style. Any style would make a great addition to your steampunk art, since they can be more typical Victorian, all the way to a horror grunge style. It can also make a great Halloween font. the crow.jpg 2. Victorian fonts collection (purchase only) This 1800s inspired layered decorative Victorian font collection comes in different styles and weights: a total of 14 fonts and an extra Victorian dingbats collection. Not only that, but you can also get it with different glyphs and it works in more than just the Latin alphabet. A complete set of victorian graphic, ornament, border & badges in OTF format is also included in the set. the victorian collection.jpg 3. Black Spot (purchase only) This elegant and curvy vintage font has both uppercase and lowercase letters and would make a perfect typography choice for steampunk labels or book covers. The serif font package comes with plenty of ligatures and different deco flourishes and frames, that you can use to create a unique design. black spot.jpg 4. Andimia Layered Fonts Family (purchase only) From an embossed to a silver textured style alternates, the Andimia Layered fonts family has it all. It is the perfect typography to be used in packaging, as well as lettering in posters, t-shirt design and other design projects. andimia.jpg 5. Chimera Tail (purchase only) Chimera Tail is a decorative slab serif textured typeface that automatically makes the first and last letter of the line or sentence have long ligatures. It also includes a clean, non-textured version, and clipart of the chimera illustration that is editable in Photoshop. chimera tail.jpg 6. Controwell Victorian font foundry (purchase only) The Controwell font bundle consists of serif and handwritten fonts, beautifully elegant and classically themed. The font bundle is mostly aimed at logotypes, web design letterheads, packaging design, label design, as well as book covers. controwell.jpg 7. Hemera II (free for personal use) If the Hemera II font doesn’t belong on a bottle of whiskey, I don’t know what does. This high quality vintage style font boasts long and elegant ligatures, a 3D style and 27 additional glyphs that you can experiment with. hemera II.jpg 8. Letterhead typeface (purchase only) This classic typeface is mainly intended for letterhead design, as the name implies. It comes with a vintage vector ornate. A secondary swooshy script font can be found in the foundry, that you can combine with the regular one. letter head.jpg 9. Stay Alive (purchase only) The Stay Alive Typeface is heavily inspired by the Victorian style of posters and sign paintings. The designer behind it wanted to combine modern and classic typography with features that possess strong shapes, so it creates more attention for people to look more closely. It is intended for use in logo design, t-shirts, posters, labels, letterheads, book covers, and other retro and steampunk designs. stay alive.jpg 10. Classic Heritage (purchase only) Finally, we have a Victorian font design called Classic Heritage, which also has a distinctive retro look and ornate. The package includes English and German characters, 13 stylistic alternate letters, as well as a vector ornate in .eps and .ai formats. classic heritage.jpg Quirky and heavily decorative steampunk fonts If you imagine your steampunk letters to be even more decorative and stand out right away, there are plenty of complex designs, both futuristic and illustrative. 11. Atlantis (purchase only) atlantis.jpg 12. Steampunk Demo (free for personal use) This steampunk alphabet has cogs as part of its look and is very on the nose and decorative. It is a demo font, which means there is no official version of it yet to buy for commercial use, but you can use it for your personal projects. steampunk demo.jpg 13. Free Steampunk 3D Lettering (free for commercial use) This incredibly detailed steampunk font is three-dimensional and very illustrative since all the machinery, cogs and pieces are made to seem very realistic. It is available in PNG and can be converted to JPG, which means it has much more limited use (only in Photoshop, Illustrator, and other graphic design software). 3d steampunk.jpg 14. Shadow of Xizor (free for commercial use) This futuristic font is based on the Star Wars Shadow of the Empire video game and comic. It is a narrow serif font that is very reminiscent of 90s video games and MS Word WordArt designs. shadow of xizor.jpg 15. Fisherman’s Knot (purchase only) This cool font, as the name suggests, imitates the knots of fishermans’ nets. It is based on the vintage Victorian style but has a completely different and unique style. It comes with an editable label template in a vector format, so if you’re in need of a label, this is a smart purchase to make. fisherman-s knot.jpg 16. Tesla Font (free for personal use) This is yet another font that looks like it’s straight out of an old video game. It also has illustrative machinery parts and bulky lettering, that will make for a good sci-fi look. teslafont.jpg 17. Starship Typeface (free for commercial use) This gorgeous vintage font comes in plenty of variations, both with a texture, 3D style, and different ligatures. It’s a TTF and OTF set, with decorative elements that will give you the space to experiment a lot. starship.jpg 18. Discorgasmique (purchase only) This steampunk-inspired condensed font looks like a mixture of Art Deco and futurism. The long but narrow elegant letters will look great in a logotype, as well as with other web and print designs. discorgasmique.jpg Simpler, but noticeable steampunk fonts Finally, if you want the general feel of steampunk, without having to create a very noisy and thematic design, there are some slightly simpler typefaces that might suit you well. 19. Steampunk Slab Serif (free for personal use) This stencil-style slab serif font has a general steampunk aesthetic, but feels less decorative and on the nose than the rest of the examples. It will make a great letterhead font. steampunk slab.jpg 20. Steampunk Wavy (purchase only) This wavy steampunk font has a very flexible and elegant look since the bends and twists in the letters resemble a flowing textile. You get the airship illustration with it, both in OTF and WOFF font files of regular and rough styles. steampunk wavy.jpg 21. Steamwreck Font (free for personal use) Steamwreck is a tall and condensed western-style wrought-iron typeface with worked-details to evoke a ‘steampunk’ feel to the text. It includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic typefaces. steamwreck.png ... Read more
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DanicaNov 16, 2020

16 Burger Logos Designed to Perfection

Medium or rare, these burger logos are all really well done and a great source of design inspiration for your own burger joint.... Read more
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StefanijaNov 12, 2020

16 Electrician Logos That Will Enlighten You

If you’re working on an electrician logo design for your brand, check out this list of curated company logos that will help you brainstorm and light up that lightbulb over your head. If you’re working on the branding and visual identity of your electrical company, the basis of the whole concept should be your logo. Naturally, as a small business owner, you presumably don’t know too much about graphic design and branding, but we’re here to help. Some of the options that you have are either using a design template, a vector from a logo maker or making your custom business logo. Before you hire the services of a designer, you should have an idea of what your branding should look like. Here are some logo ideas that might help you decide on a design for your electric company logo. Lightning bolts for an energetic design idea It is fairly common in the services industry to use a symbol, tool, or element that is immediately recognizable and associated with the field of business. If you’re offering electrical services, you’re not exempt. A common strategy would be to use a lightning bolt, lightbulb, fuse, and other objects and symbols that are easily recognizable in this field. 1. Pilko This simple and modern solution for an electric logo combines the first letter of the business name with a lightning bolt. The color palette is very contemporary and industrial, although commonly used among electrician service companies. The monogram is easily applicable in both digital and print assets, such as business cards and stationery. Design by Hamza 2. Rian Bueno This cool logotype with a lightning bolt separating the two words consisting of the business name in a 3D manner makes for a very professional and modern logo design. The font used is a sans serif one, that usually gives a sense of seriousness and professionalism to graphic design, contrary to serif fonts that are playful and more charming. Design by Raul Carvalho 3. Leib Electric This techy and modern-looking logo belongs to a three-generation father and son electrical company that’s been around since 1985. Recently, they wanted a new and contemporary branding look. The product that came out of it is a logotype in the Novecento font, with the letter L customized to have a sharp and pointy end. The bolt was derived from the low-poly design technique that the graphic designer was experimenting with. Design by Rommer Borras 4. Connor Electrical This electrical business opted for an atypical and fresh color scheme of purple and teal. The sans serif font ties the look perfectly, and the slightly tilted semi-circle with a thunderbolt element is both a C and an E. Design by Anthony Gribben 5. Arctic Electrical This electrical logo is another cool modern monogram, combining the letters A and E, with a bolt between them. The gray and black color combination adds a sense of elusiveness and masculinity to the brand, as well as a sleek and professional tone. Design by Stephen Cleary 6. Letter J gradient logo This concept would make a great electricity logo for a business starting with the letter J. It is a combination of two flipped Js, forming a lightning bolt in the middle. The addition of a gradient makes it look like a very contemporary design, especially in the era of gradient social media and tech logos. Design by Vladimír Jonek 7. Roberts Electric The last lightning bolt logo is again a monogram, where the ligature of the letter R ends in a zig-zag bolt shape. The designer created both a 3D logo with shadows and different lighting, as well as a classical flat design emblem logo. Design by Jordan Versluis Retro logo concepts for classy handymen Handyman services have been here for a while, or in the case of electricians, less than a century. Incidentally, the first electrical services opened during the era of mascot logos and emblems, so if you want your new logo to be in this style, check out these cool examples. 8. Burton Electric Co. This vintage-inspired logo looks like a wooden sign on top of the entrance of an electrical service shop in the past century. The combination of decorative Victorian-style typography with an illustration of a lightbulb helps it be immediately recognizable, but still related to the field. It’s unusual for a services logo to stand out so much in style, so it’s an effective and memorable way to stay distinguishable among the competition. Design by Spencer Martin 9. Harbison Electric This electrical company from Texas chose a cool handyman mascot logo combined with an old-school emblem. Definitely not what you’d get from an electrician logo template! 10. Dale Mills Electric This logo concept of a hand holding a thunderbolt comes in three variations, all of them depicting the same image, just with slight aesthetic experimentation. It is definitely a power logo, making you appreciate the profession of electricians. Design by Mike Aiello Classic logotypes for reliable businesses Sometimes, a simple logotype can go a long way. If you’re looking into a simpler and more corporate logo idea, just your business name is enough. From Coca Cola to Facebook, many iconic companies opted for logotypes. 11. Gibbons Electrical Gibbons Electrical used a wordmark in very subtle serif typography, combined with a brand mark with the letter G formed from lines that are vaguely reminiscent of a circuit board or cords. The designer wanted to create “something for the working man that still aligns with modernism and can stand the test of time”. Design by Alex Beebe 12. Robotech This electrical company uses an illustrative logotype, in which every letter consists of a different symbol commonly used in electrical installation signage. The orange thunderbolt can be used separately as a brand mark. Design by Aleks Melito 13. Pine Lane Electric This old-school emblem logo is oddly usual, but effective. The color scheme of navy blue, bronze and white is tasteful, and the extra information added in the logo is also useful. Design by Alex Beebe Icon design for versatile logos Flat-style design icons are also a popular look for logos since they look good on print and other assets. You can go wild and create a whole set of icons for your other branding ventures too, such as in web design and alternate brand marks. 14. Electrical Maintenance Del Potosí This icon logo depicts hand holding pliers that is also shaped like a lightbulb. It’s an unambiguous image that works well, no matter what you see first. Design by Ale Alfaro 15. Chris Britton Chris Britton, an electrician with more than 25 years of experience, was a well recognizable and friendly person in his homeplace, according to the designer developing his branding image. That is why he wanted to create a visual identity that is an extension of his personality. He combined “Chris’s ever-present smile into the world of electronics and the combination of the two elements became the logo”. The eyes are making a + – symbol, the neck is a battery and the contour of the face is a connected circuit. The designer adds that it was the perfect logo for him, because “it communicates not only what the business does but also the brand values, it’s unique, memorable and it raises a smile”. Design by Daniel Britton 16. Alexandre Elias This icon logo combines many elements that are neatly packed into one symbol: an electric plug, a lightbulb, the letter A for Alexandre, as well as the letter E for Elias, energy and electricity. If you want a creative and unusual plug logo or bulb logo, you can use this method as a starting point. Design by Luiz Ramos We hope you found this list useful. For more home maintenance industry-related logos, check out our list of plumber logos and fonts, real estate logos, or our guide on small business branding.... Read more
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