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StefanijaJun 05, 2020

Why is Graphic Design Important?

Business owners often wonder, is graphic design important? In short, yes: it leads to better sales, brand recognition, credibility, and impresses customers easier than any written message, among other things. This article will help you make up your mind if you haven’t already come to a conclusion. Here are some of the main perks of having good graphic design, and how it will make an impact on your business. Good design helps with sales Graphic design plays a huge role in modern marketing trends, especially in digital marketing. A well-performing marketing plan leads to better sales, and the visual aspect of a campaign is especially important. A pleasing aesthetic and well-thought-out design can boost your sales, no matter if it’s online, in print, or an asset you have as part of your branding. As human beings, we are susceptible to things that look good, that catch our attention, and invoke emotion in us. Using the right colors, imagery, positioning, typefaces, composition, and movement—every detail of your graphic design can be thought out to awaken a feeling in the customer or inspire them to make an action. Graphic design exists to help increase the interest in products and support the value propositions and marketing messages of the company. To elevate the ad, like in the example below. Every good graphic designer knows marketing principles on which good design is based. It’s not there to just serve as visual art. It grabs the attention of potential customers, causes interest, and provokes desire. Finally, it helps them decide to make an action and make a buy. Here’s an example of a well-designed ad that immediately relays the message: Ariel is a superior washing detergent. If you want clothes that clean, buy it. For example, the “Share a Coke” campaign is credited with a 2% rise in sales for Coca-Cola at launch, for the first time in a decade. Coke didn’t rebrand or create a new product; it just transformed the design of the product packaging to create a “just for you” feeling by personalizing the can or bottle for each member of its target audience. It builds brand recognition and loyalty Brand bias is a strong driving force for sales. As much as 82% of adults in the US claim loyalty to a product brand. The visual communication of your brand is the best recipe to make a positive and lasting impression of your brand image and inspire customers to trust you. If you’re shopping for sneakers and see Nike ones and a brand that you’ve never heard of, you’ll probably buy the Nike, right? Maybe the other shoes have great quality and fit you perfectly, but you won’t even try them on. How did Nike do that? Well, through good marketing and visual language that is aimed to build loyalty. From the Nike swoosh logo to the ads and brand motto, they inspire you to buy their shoes and reach new heights. These two ads by Apple are decades apart, but convey the same message: Apple believes in simplicity, good design, and superior quality. Even though the trends in graphic design were extremely different when the two ads were created, they both support the same value. And that is exactly how this brand is perceived by potential clients: sophisticated and elite. They relay that message by the simplicity of their logo, minimalist and clean look of products and stores, and their packaging too. How can you build a brand that customers are loyal to through graphic design? Persistently remind potential customers of your products and core values with your visuals. If you have a good logo, clean and comprehensive website design, consistently produce impressive and inspiring advertisements, provide beautiful packaging that is an experience itself for the buyer, and engage customers with your presence on social media, you will firmly position as a strong brand and be easily noticeable on their horizon. It makes your business memorable Just as it will help people discover your brand, good graphic design will help them remember it. There are probably tons of good visual ads stuck in your head, and you can immediately remember the brand. A good example of this is the Volkswagen “Think small” print ads of the 1960s. The German automobile manufacturer had a hard time penetrating the US market after the world wars, and Americans liked buying US-produced big cars. They didn’t like the “Beetle” for being small and German. And instead of trying to avert people’s opinion, they made the size of their car the ace in their sleeve. This memorable ad created by the legendary advertising group at Doyle Dane & Bernbach (DDB) managed to change the perception of the product in the audience while using facts as their asset, all through using smart and thought-provoking graphic design paired with smart copywriting. Images impress quicker and better than words This study found that when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of said information three days later. Compared to that, if you pair that information with visuals, people will retain 65% of it. And in terms of digital marketing, the same study also found another mind-blowing number: content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. The focus of a person is really short, so you need to strike with good visuals. In this example, Chupa Chups advertises one of its strongest values: it’s a sugar-free candy. The copy is almost unnoticeable, but you get the message straight away. McDonald’s used one of its iconic meals, the French fries, to advertise that all their restaurants have free WiFi. And Volkswagen once again proved they rely on amazing graphic design, with this amazing ad promoting their new precision parking system. It is a visual language that you create The color palette, imagery, logo, typography, and design elements your brand will use, form a precise language through which you communicate with potential customers. Great graphic design and unique ideas often change the discourse completely and by creating your visual identity and brand guide, you create a narrative. For Coca Cola, the use of red and white and cursive typography communicates that the brand is welcoming, homely, and warm. It sparks joy and makes us think of family and friends, of the times we spent on a table with a glass of Coke on it. For Apple, the metallic and minimal designs, the lack of lettering on the products and the connection to groundbreaking innovations, gives us the idea that they don’t want fluff, color, and emotion. They rely on quality and good design. Here is another wonderful example that might not spring to mind right away—Durex. As a manufacturer of condoms, they have to use objects that vaguely symbolize what they are advertising. Censorship often leads to ingenuity, so they found a way to be creative and smart with the little they have. They created their own, symbolic visual language. It enforces professionalism When you create your own visual identity, you can apply it to both your internal and external communication. A uniform and consistent visual identity will help your brand be perceived as one that knows its vision. Whether it's an impressive business card you’ll give at a pitch meeting, beautifully designed stores and offices, your website, or social media, if they’re designed well, it will persuade customers in your professionalism. Conclusion As a business owner, you might think about a DIY approach or occasionally hiring a freelancer for your graphic design needs. But having consistency, aesthetic direction, and an effective designer team you can count on will bring you a thousand benefits. The importance of graphic design is too great, so don’t risk losing the chance of reaching new customers and creating a memorable brand. In the end line, you also risk losing potential revenue. If you need graphic design services at an affordable price, we can provide quality designs on a monthly subscription basis. For a fixed price, ManyPixels offers unlimited design. Check out how it works.... Read more
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StefanijaMay 29, 2020

30 Exciting Escape Room Logos to Inspire Your Audience

Escape rooms are the perfect, immersive experience packed with thrill, mystery and competitiveness. They are a popular choice for team building activities with co-workers, family fun, special events or some friendly rivalry. And what could be more appealing to your adventurous side than a great escape room logo? You probably have an idea of your own in mind, but let’s go through some inspirational solutions and design tips to help you create the best escape room logo. Lock and key escape room logos Locks, keys, and keyholes are a common design inspiration for escape games. Let’s go through some of them that utilize often-used symbols in a creative and authentic way. 1.Green Key Escape The design inspiration here is quite literal - the name of the escape room is Green Key Escape, and that is reflected in the logo design. But the logo itself is beautifully designed and has an archaic and mystic feel. The typography is also well-chosen, and the design altogether gives you an idea of what to expect: a mystery-themed room experience. Design by EDIFÉ 2.Escape Art The logo used for Escape Art displays a human arm peeking from a lock, grabbing the key. It is exactly what a live escape room experience is—reaching out to the key. 3.Think Tank Another unused concept is representing both the name of the escape room company and the lock symbol. The lock is made out of two Ts because the escape room is called Think Tank. Design by Brittany 4.Decode Detroit Decode Detroit did a great job of combining an open lock with the letter “D”. Even though it’s an image used in many logo templates for escape rooms, this franchise managed to give it a personal touch. Doors Similarly to the locks and keys, doors that are slightly ajar also signify an escape, or a mystery waiting on the other side. Here are some examples of applying this symbol successfully in a logo. 5.Unused design This unused design combines a key and a door to form the letter “E”, as in escape. Design by Monday Creations 6.Opendoor This design solution for Opendoor Escape Room in Italy has a mysterious font and an open door casting light out of it. It looks almost like a watercolor sketch, which makes it authentic. Design by Luca Capretti 7.Escape Room This design has a similar concept but the door is used as a negative space. And it’s an animated logo, which makes it a more engaging one. The only problem is that using it on print materials, such as gift cards, or social media that doesn’t support GIFs might be limiting. Design by Rebecca MacDonald 8.New Mexico Escape Room New Mexico Escape Room too used an open door, but here it forms the letter O. There is also an interesting frame around the logo. Labyrinth escape room logos Labyrinths are also a common symbol used in escape room logos since they signify using logic to get out of some sort of a confined space. 9.Treasure Hunt This design for Treasure Hunt combines a mark with a logo inside, and the letters T and H are highlighted with another color. Design by Agata Dondzik 10.The Game In this logo for The Game, the name of the brand is inscribed inside a pyramid, which has a labyrinth inside. According to the designer, he came up with this solution to represent the actual scenarios in the escape room games. His idea was to achieve a mysterious and ancient style, which is why he used jungle-green and antique gold. 11.Lock and Labyrinth A risky approach that is very effective when done well, is to combine two or more elements. In this example, the designer combined a lock with a labyrinth outside of it, signifying that you have to go through the labyrinth to find the way out of the room. And a big plus is that the labyrinth is accurate and there’s really one way out. So that makes this logo especially fun and engaging. Design by Stefan Kitanović 12.Memphis Escape Rooms Memphis Escape Rooms also has a maze-inspired logo design, but it’s more abstract. It feels like a complex blueprint of a building, which is definitely effective for an establishment that offers escape games. Cube escape room logos Cubes are another common thread, so we’ve compiled a few logos that have a cube-shaped logo or use this figure as an element in their design. 13.Embassy of Game This logo, created for Embassy of Game, combines a Chinese puzzle signifying mystery, with a cube shape. 14.Escape Cube The Escape Cube logo also uses the same method but with contrasting colors, a more realistic look, and the name of the company inscribed into the maze and cube. Design by Andrea Maxwell 15.Unnamed cube design Another game room logo uses a cube shape, but here it’s combined with a lock, keyhole, and a puzzle piece. Design by Doris Gray 16.Houdini’s Room Escape And this unused idea for Houdini’s Room Escape is the letter H inside of a cube. Just like Houdini, who managed to get out of boxes and get to a mesmerizing effect for his audience. Design by Gretchen Cobaugh Typography and other symbols You can also use typography to create wordmarks or even create your own typeface. You can combine text with an icon or character as well. 17.Mind Trapped Escape Room Mind Trapped Escape Room combines a flat icon with typography reminiscent of that often used in noir and mystery films. 18.Escape the Room Another interesting method is to create the illusion of movement with typography. Escape room games are often dynamic, so combining the text with shapes, shadows, and lines can create a captivating and excitement-inducing logo. Escape the Room successfully manages to recreate a claustrophobic hallway or stairs. 19.Insitute of Wonder The Institute of Wonder isn’t exactly an escape room. It is an immersive, outdoors, mystery-solving walk through Copenhagen. While the logo itself is great—combining two human faces looking upwards and forming the letter W, the whole branding tells a complete story. Make sure to check out this amazing branding concept by Petr Kudlacek. 20.Escapepolis If you want your potential customers to immediately know you’re offering a specific experience straight from the logo, you can use typography in a very effective way. Escapepolis, for example, uses a typeface that reminds of a cyberpunk/retro vibe, so one can expect a theme right away. 21.Exit Room Prague Exit Room Prague includes the exit symbol as well as buttons for opening a vintage safe in the place of the Os in its logo. 22 & 23.Puzzle Out Puzzle Out also combined a symbol with typography, but formed a key out of the first letters of the words. The same company opted out of using another design, combining a puzzle piece with a light bulb. Design by Shahed Syed 24.Mission Break Out Mission Break Out in London uses a wax letter stamp as a base for its logo, to relate to the theme that players are issued to go on a mission by the Queen. Icon design Flat icons are still popular, so you can also decide on a custom icon design or use a royalty-free icon pack. We wouldn’t advise that since authenticity is always attention-grabbing and valued. 25.Escape Lab Here we have 16 different logo ideas for a non-existent escape room. The designer used a few symbols connected to the escape room experience, such as a lock and key, a maze, a puzzle, but also an icon connected to the name, which is the escape button on a keyboard. Design by Anna-Rose Schenerman 26.Hourglass This icon combines a keyhole with an hourglass clock, reflecting that time is of the essence in escape room games. Design by Doris Gray 27.Escape Rooms Prague Escape Rooms Prague also has a logo based on the hourglass clock idea but combined with a keyhole shape. 28.Light bulb, lock and key A similar method can be seen in the example below, but instead of a keyhole and clock, here we have a combination of a key and a lightbulb, the symbol of ideas and logic. Design by Emily Holt Characters If your escape room theme is somehow connected to a famous fictional character, or maybe one you’ve invented yourself, you can use that in your logo. 29.Kuzulu Corporation This design for a non-existent company uses Cthulhu, a fictional deity created by H. P. Lovecraft, famous for his cosmic chaos and horror short stories. If Disney animations taught us anything, it’s that dark and lime green is connected to villains. Combined with the custom typeface, this makes a logo that screams “Danger”. Design by Aigu Sainz 29.The Game is Now The character that is linked to mystery and thrill most of all, is of course, Sherlock Holmes. The official escape room of the Sherlock BBC series and its creator Steven Moffat is called The Game is Now. Its logo is simply a silhouette of Sherlock and Watson escaping. Do you feel inspired to create your own escape room logo? You can always dig deeper and learn more about logo design, or brainstorm a completely unique idea by focusing on what makes your company unique and different for fans of thrill and challenges. Or let us at ManyPixels do that for you. Check out how it works. Disclaimer: the artworks in this article are not the works of ManyPixels, and are only showcased in an educational capacity. ... Read more
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DanicaMay 29, 2020

Best Banner Ideas for 2020

With the visual overload that is our modern-day internet, it's critical to have outstanding banner design. That's why we're looking at some terrific banner design ideas to help you create an awesome graphic for your next campaign.... Read more
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DanicaMay 28, 2020

40 Craft Beer Logos to Quench Your Thirst for Inspiration

Hipsters love their brews local, intricate and instagramable. And no one knows this better than breweries who keep coming up with some incredible logo designs. ... Read more
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StefanijaMay 28, 2020

How to Create a Corporate Identity that Elevates Your Brand

One of the common misconceptions in marketing is that corporate identity is the same as visual identity. But it is much more than that—corporate identity is how your brand is perceived inside and outside of your organization. So you have to hit the bullseye if you want to build a recognizable brand.... Read more
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StefanijaMay 28, 2020

What Makes a Good Logo?

There is more to a good logo than just good design. There are graphic design principles and unique backstories that make it stand out. We’ll answer what that special value in a logo is through examples in this article.... Read more
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DanicaMay 22, 2020

36 Examples of Modern Accounting Websites for Design Inspiration

Cool accountants? Yup, we said it! And this list of 36 professional websites can prove it. Whether you're looking for more conventional or daring web design, use this list as inspiration to create the best website for your accounting service.... Read more
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DanicaMay 22, 2020

10 Retail Store Design Ideas for the Best Shopping Experience

From the retail space layout to the way you present the items on offer, design can make a tremendous impact on your customers. Today we’re looking at 10 design ideas to help you make shopping at your store an unforgettable experience. ... Read more
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DanicaMay 20, 2020

The Ultimate SaaS Design Trends of 2020

Being competitive in the SaaS industry means creating the best user experience and building a brand image that inspires trust in your customers. That’s why we’re looking at top SaaS design trends in 2020 that you should consider when designing for your business. ... Read more
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StefanijaMay 20, 2020

Designing a Yoga Studio Logo that Radiates Wellness

So, your yoga studio needs a new logo and you’re in a bit of a rut. Breathe in, breathe out. Relax, we’ve compiled some symbols, shapes, and colors that will help you put together a beautiful logo.... Read more
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